Dinner Adventure #1

Don’t you just love it when you have a group of friends who love to eat out as much as you do?  Well I certainly do.  Today I went out with some awesome friends from church right after our devotional prayer and we decided to eat at the Nordstrom Cafe.  While making our way up to the cafe I ran into one of my mom’s old co-workers.  I haven’t seen Auntie Leila in years and it was nice to see familiar face and to just make a little bit of small talk. After saying our goodbyes the girls and I headed upstairs.  As we rode the escalator up to the next floor, I noticed how much girl talk was going on and truthfully I felt kind of awkward.  Sorry Iris, Golda, and Nikki.  If you’re reading this, you know I enjoy your company.  Of course I had a great time, but I’m just saying, it was very girly for me.  Ok, back to the main story.  Once we had gotten off the escalator we turned left and noticed that the cafe had already closed for the night.  We quickly made our decision to eat at the California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) as a back up which was just across the street at the Stanford Shopping Center.

Since Golda was sharing her wedding plans with us, she told us about the kind of cake she’s going to have.  Coincidentally, Cocola, the place where her cake is coming from, had one of it’s bakeries at the shopping center.  We decided to make a quick stop there to sample the cake she decided on.  All four of us ended up getting some kind of dessert there because everything they had looked so good.  The girls each got one thing but when it came to me, I just could not settle on one thing so I ordered two.  These are what I got:

The first one pictured was a raspberry macaroon and the second dessert was a mango mousse. Notice I say “was” because now, they are both in my belly.  I have to say both were quite delectable but my favorite has to go to the mango mousse.  I love anything mango.

Ok so as we sat down at our table, the girls quickly brought out their desserts and started eating them before our main course arrived.  I guess these girls really love their sweets.  I didn’t even have a chance to take pictures of their desserts but boy did they devour them like savages.  Ok so maybe I exaggerated that part just a tiny bit, but I’m trying to liven this story up.  We all tried each other’s desserts and I will say that Golda chose one heck of a cake.  Props to you Golda . . . or Robert.  Whoever made the decision.  After most of the dessert was finished, our meals came out.  Iris ordered a salad, Nikki had a chicken pesto pasta, and Golda and I both had our personal sized pesto chicken pizza.I apologize for the pictures not coming out so great but at least I took something.

So as we ate, we chatted about life and school and ultimately had a wonderful time together.  We were so caught up talking that we didn’t realize that we were the last customers at the restaurant and the waiters had already begun to cleaning all the tables and putting the chairs back.  We finally got the hint that we needed to leave so we packed up our belongings and left feeling full and happy.


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