Why do bad things happen to good people?

So I was just speaking to my friend about this blog and she told me to share the story about my experience with a fly in May.  Read on if you’re interested.

So it was a lazy Saturday afternoon and I was sitting around in the livingroom.  I noticed that a fly got in the house and it’s buzzing just got on my nerves.  Out of the kindness of my heart (and the fact that I didn’t have any bug spray to kill it) I decided I was going to try to lead it outside.  I kept the front door open and tried to blow it in the direction of the door, hoping it would be smart enough to exit on its own.  After about 10 minutes of chasing after it I decided I would have to force it out.

I watched carefully to see what its flight pattern would be like and I noticed that every so often it would land on the window for a few seconds.  I quickly got a paper cup thinking that I would be able to catch it and release it back into the “wild.”  Well 30 minutes later I was able to sneak up on it and covered it with the cup.  I covered the end with a piece of cardboard and headed out the door to set it free.

Thinking that the fly would simply trick me and fly back into the house, I closed the door behind me so it would never have a chance to get in again.  As soon as I released it I headed back into the house.  Since I don’t usually enter the house from the front entrance, I forgot that I locked the door from the inside!  I kept trying to shake to door open even though I knew it wouldn’t open.  To make things worse, I didn’t have my phone on me or a key and all I had on were jeans and a t-shirt.  I wasn’t even wearing any shoes and it was windy.  I had no idea what to do.  My mom went to work and my dad was out of town.  Basically, I was SOL!  I sat on the steps thinking about what I was going to do until I saw my next door neighbor pull into their driveway.  While she was outside, I quickly ran to her and asked if I could borrow her phone.  She gave this “are you really that stupid” kind of look and I explained to her what had happened.  I called my mom and told her she needed to come home as soon as possible because I had locked myself out of the house.  I thought I would have to wait several hours until she would get home, but luckily she was able to show up in 30 minutes to let me in.

Throughout the whole thing, this is what I’ve learned – never let a fly live.  I went to Target to buy some Raid and now any fly that enters the house will never leave alive.  At least when my mom got home we both had a good laugh.

That’s it.


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