Sorry for this late post, but last night I went out with a couple of my friends, Samantha and Daniel, for dinner just so we can catch up and have more bonding time.  We decided to eat at 2223, the “no name” restaurant, located on Market Street.  Yes, you guessed right.  The address is 2223 Market.  This restaurant was featured on the KQED show entitled “Check Please! Bay Area” and received very positive reviews from the people on the show.  Last night’s dinner was my second time eating here, as with Daniel so we were familiar with their menu and had thoroughly enjoyed our first trip there.  Daniel and I are both really into food (we’re Foodies) so we have high expectations for this place.

If I were to compare both of my trips here, I would have to say my first time left a better impression on me.  Anyways, I still had a really good time.  There were just a few blunders that left me disappointed because I expected so much from them.  Ok, on with the food!

Appetizer: Calamari Salad

I ordered this dish my first time also and fell in love with it because it was cooked perfectly.  The second time I ordered it, the squid was overcooked.  The texture was rubbery and it took too much effort to eat.  The flavor was there, but it was way too chewy.  If my calamari was overcooked the first time I went, I don’t know if I would have ordered it again.  When I do go again, will I order this for a third time? Probably.  I’ve had it perfectly done before, I’m sure I could have it done perfectly again.

Main Course: Beef Pot Roast

Daniel and I both ordered the pot roast because we were both dying to try it.  This was the main dish featured on Check Please! and I meant to order this the first time I went but I had a brain fart and ordered the pork chop instead.  Once the waiter brought my pork chop out I had no idea that I ordered the wrong thing.  I decided to keep the pork chop because I figured it was going to be good anyway.  My craving to try the pot roast is what brought me back for the second time.  Thankfully, I made sure I placed my order correctly.  Once the waiter had brought it out, I was just blown away by the size of the plate.  They gave us very generous portions.  The beef was very tender.  I don’t recall have to use my knife as much and the meat literally just fell apart!  It was pretty amazing.  The only thing I could complain about is that I would have liked more sauce.  I should have just asked for it but it was no big deal.  At the end of the main course, Daniel succeeded in finishing everything on his plate while I looked like a total wimp because I had to take half of my entree home.

Main Course: Roasted Fulton Valley Chicken

The chicken was Sam’s choice and man was it great as well.  The skin was perfectly seasoned and bursting with flavor.  The bit of chicken that I had was very moist and juicy. You can tell that this is an organically grown chicken because it has a different flavor to it. The chicken was placed on top or garlic mashed potatoes and string beans and topped with onion rings.  Everything about it was fantastic.  I may order this on my next visit.

The Finale – Dessert: S’more Mousse, Valrhonna Chocolate Cake, and Apple & Blueberry Crumble

When coming to 2223, you have to save room for dessert.  There is just no way you can leave this restaurant without ordering it.  It is a travesty if you don’t.  I will hunt you down and make you give me an explanation as to why you skipped the best part of the meal.  Unless you’re diabetic of course, that’s the only excuse I will accept.  If you’re allergic to anything bring the medicine!

Their most popular dessert is the Sour Cherry Bread Pudding.  I’ve ordered that before so I was in the mood to try something new.  I was still temped to order it again as well as their sorbet because those really left a great impression on me.  But for adventure’s sake, I opted for new fare.

The s’mores mousse was fantastic.  It was a little too sweet for me but the graham cracker layer adds an amazing texture to your mouth.  Daniel killed that thing like a beast.  My Apple & Blueberry crumble was to die for.  It was topped with dulce de  leche ice cream and caramel.  The apples were perfect.  They were tart and firm despite all of the syrup in was soaking in.  The cinnamon adds a little kick to the to apples and the ice cream help balance the sugar with its creaminess.

To be totally honest, the valrhonna cake was the biggest disappointment of the night.  I tried this during my first visit and it was spectacular!  It was supposed to be moist and filled with “lava.”  It was a chocoholic’s dream.  It was paired with a chocolate malt instead of a scoop of ice cream to change things up.  When Sam’s cake arrived, she started digging into it and mentioned that it was a very dense cake.  Daniel and I both tried it and agreed that it wasn’t done properly.  The cake was once again overcooked.  So overcooked in fact, it tasted burnt.  You know if you bake cookies at home and realize you forgot to remove them from the oven and you try to salvage what you can?  Well unfortunately that how I felt this cake turned out.  We told one of the manager’s that the cake was chalky and burnt so they didn’t charge us for it.  They offered to give us a replacement cake but we were so full that we decided that we should pass on that offer.

Overall, I would still go back to 2223 because I know that I can get really good food there. I guess the chef was having an off day and that is acceptable.  There are still many things I want to try so if anyone wants to go, invite me!


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