Miracle Story!

As I was doing some recreational shopping on eBay, I had my eye on a rare Final Fantasy VII Sculpture Arts Sephiroth statue from Advent Children.  The starting price of the figure was only $0.99.  I made an assumption that at the last minute, people would be bidding on it furiously so I never thought I would be able to afford it.  Well tonight I thank my lucky stars that I was able to win this fantastic looking statue for only $62.00!  That was quite a steal.  My maximum bid was  $120.00 and I was able to get it much cheaper.  The MSRP is $200.00.  I say I got one fantastic deal.  Don’t you?

And to make things better, the seller of this statue is in Burlingame.  I am arranging to pick up my item so I can save on the shipping charges since I will be heading down that way this weekend.  Here’s a look at what I’m raving about:

The statue I won is on the left side.  It is a two piece set but I still need to shop around for the statue of Cloud to recreate that epic battle scene in the movie.

Once I pick up my statue I’ll post my very own pictures of it.  I’m SO FREAKING HAPPY!

That’s it


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Simple things make me happy.
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