My Pet Peeves #2

I totally thought about this post while on my way to work this morning.

It really gets on my nerves when people don’t keep up with traffic.  I really believe that if you can get a ticket for speeding, people should also be given a ticket for driving really slow.  It’s equally as dangerous.  Seriously, it’s a freeway not a side street.  If you can’t speed up, don’t take the freeway!  This also applies to people who don’t speed up while merging onto the freeway.  You are supposed to enter the freeway at the same speed as the cars on the freeway but there are way too many people who don’t understand that.  They end up making it harder for the people behind them to get onto the freeway safely.  So if you are found guilty of this mistake, don’t feel bad just remember to concentrate more on how you drive.  Driving is mostly common sense but it’s a shame people rarely use it these days.  Shame, shame, shame on them.

OK, I’m done venting.

That’s it.


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Simple things make me happy.
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