Out to Lunch #1

This is a late post from our lunch celebration last Thursday.  We were celebrating the birth anniversary of Gail and we decided to have lunch at The House because we haven’t been there in a while.  The House is located a few blocks from the office but you have to walk past the liquor shops and strip clubs before reaching the crossroads of Chinatown and North Beach (Grant Street).  It’s a tiny place that serves up Asian Fusion food with California flare and keeps it’s customers coming back for more.  This place never disappoints me and everything I have tried there impressed me.

There were six of us that went to lunch that day and we had a really good time.  For appetizers we started with the fried calamari, the fried salmon roll, and the grilled calamari salad.  All were fantastic dishes.  The salmon rolls are my favorite of the three because I love their wasabi sauce that comes with it.  If ever you need to clear your sinuses, order it and everything will be all better.  I highly recommend this dish.

For the our main courses Tita Genny, Tita Gloria, and I all ordered the Sea Bass (the best thing on their menu and the most expensive).  I usually don’t order sea food as my main dish but this is one brilliant piece of fish.  It is so juicy and seasoned perfectly that sometimes you forget that you’re eating fish.  It is served with house garlic noodles and string beans.  I have no idea what they put in their sauce but it is heavenly.

Kris ordered the soft shell crab sandwich and it came with shoestring fries.  I didn’t try the sandwich but the fries were amazing.  I really love fries when they are thin and crispy and those did it for me.  I was considering ordering just a side of fries but I ended up not finishing my food.  From what Kris said, the sandwich was really good.  I wish I could write more about it but I didn’t have a bite.  I was too scared to try it because I didn’t want to end up getting some of the guts (I know, it’s the best part) but it’s just not my thing.

My mom and Gail both had the flat iron steak over mashed potatoes and vegetables.  This used to be my favorite dish at The House until I discovered the sea bass.  This dish makes me very happy and I think I will order it the next time I go back.  I can’t really describe the flavors but just know that you won’t go wrong with it.  Just make sure you have it cooked to medium at the max.  Anything higher than that is a sin.  You’ll end up ruining the meat so please do yourself a favor and have it medium rare to medium.

Last but definitely not least is dessert.  This is another place where you can’t pass it up.  The House usually has a special dessert Wednesdays to Saturdays when their pastry chef is in but their regular choices do not disappoint.  My favorite is the apple crumb pie a la mode.  I just can’t get enough of the graham cracker and brown sugar topping.  It’s paired with vanilla bean ice cream to balance the tartness of the apples.  It’s simply divine.  I also suggest their coconut-passionfruit creme brulee which is out of this world.

I am so glad that a restaurant like The House is so easily accessible to me because it is truly one of San Francisco’s gems.  This is my favorite lunch restaurant because I know I can consistently get good food.  Make sure you place a reservation because you do not want to get caught waiting outside for a table.  Remember, it’s a small restaurant and it can get really noisy but the food is fantastic which makes up for all of the cons.  I have eaten here so many times that I can’t not give it 5 stars.


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  1. nerissa bautista says:

    dear aj … you better keep this blog site in case i need to try some restaurant…yours will really be handy for my future dine date with friends and family … nice blog!


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