Kingdom Cake

This is Kingdom Cake.  I stumbled upon this place a year ago while reading other cupcake reviews on Yelp and noticed it had a very high rating.  I checked out the website and found out that you could only order by the dozen (2 dozen minimum order) and have them either delivered to you (surcharge) or pick them up yourself at their kitchen in SOMA.  It happened to be a co-worker’s birthday (Gail I believe) and we decided to order a dozen red velvet cupcakes and cupcake sized cheesecakes to celebrate.  So I went ahead and called and Chelsea, the owner, graciously took my order and I picked them up a few days later.  Let me tell you, the reviews of this place are spot on.  These were one of, if not, the best cupcakes I’ve had.  Usually if I get a red velvet cupcake at Sprinkles, I end up scraping 90% of the frosting off of it because I find frosting to be too sweet for my taste.  I’m just not a frosting person but for some reason I can down a mini cupcake with the frosting when it comes from Kingdom Cake.  The cheesecakes were spectacular and it definitely went on to be my favorite cheesecake.  Since there is only 6 of us in the accounting department and we had 24 cupcakes, we decided to share them with a few co-workers from other departments.  Oh boy did they rave about these bites of heaven!  Everyone wanted more of the cheesecake and asked me to see the full menu.  At that time, a lot of them were discouraged to order because of the size of the minimum order and the fact that it wasn’t very accessible to get them.

A few months passed by and I learned that Kingdom Cake had a table at the Metreon Farmer’s Market.  There, I was able to buy individual mini cupcakes or pre-assorted dozens.  The best ones were the day old dozens because they were heavily discounted but tasted just as good.  After a while I guess the farmer’s market kind of disappeared and I didn’t order anything from Chelsea for almost a year.

After the hiatus I randomly received an email from Chelsea that she was going to open up a little window shop in North Beach.  To my advantage, the shop was only a 10 minute walk from the office which I think is very dangerous because I now have the ability to stop by on a more regular basis.  When I decided to make my first visit to the window, I re-introduced myself to Chelsea and to my amazement, she remembered me and my last order! Talk about caring about your customers.  She’s a delight to talk to and very personable.  You can tell that she really loves making cupcakes and puts a lot of effort into making things you never thought about putting into a cupcake.

So anyways, this is my favorite cupcake place and I hope I enticed you to check it out sometime.

The Address is: 524 Union Street, San Francisco in North Beach.  But remember the window is only open from Thursday – Sunday and go early before she sells out.  Also, you can find her at various farmer’s markets like the Alemany one or I heard she was even at CSM last week.


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2 Responses to Kingdom Cake

  1. sydney says:

    yummy! were these the cupcakes i tried at your place? i’ll definitely check this out if I’m ever in the city, thanks AJ!


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