Playing Tourist

This is a late post about my adventure in the city with a few of my friends.  Derek had just come back from Yale and wanted to see the city and Jovi and Stanley tagged along.  First stop: Lunch!  Do I even have to tell you where we ate?  That day I had a Grilled Skirt Steak sandwich and as always it was delicious and a watermelon cooler to hydrate myself.  After lunch we headed to Kingdom Cake (read about it in a previous post) and enjoyed the cupcakes at Washington Park.

We then walked around aimlessly until we decided to head over to Pier 39.  It was a very nice day in San Francisco and we thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine.  When we made it to the heavily touristy site, Jovi took us to the mirror maze on the second level of the Pier.  It was dark and lights were flashing and there were people everywhere.  It was pretty trippy the first time I tried getting through the maze and got scared when I turned around and saw my reflection.  I was supposed to be racing Derek and Stanley but they beat me of course.  I just wanted to enjoy the moment being there.  Overall, it was worth the $5.00 because i had a lot of laughs and you can go in and out as many times as you want (as long as you keep your plastic gloves).After a bit more walking, we headed toward the fairy building and I remembered that they were going to unveil the new art piece along the Embarcaderro.  This time it was a rocket ship and there was a huge crowd gathered dressed as aliens and astronauts there.  We all were curious to see what was going on so we stuck around and had some refreshments that we believed were for the public.  After a while the crazy people kind of made me feel uncomfortable and we decided to leave and make our way to Union Square.While on our way to Union Square we took a detour to stop by The Metreon just to see how it’s doing.  On the way there we walked through a small alley next to the Jewish Museum and found a giant cube.  I don’t ever remember that there so I took a picture of it and Derek decided to walk through it.  It actually came out pretty good so I suggested he should make it his profile picture on Facebook.

The rest of the day just sat around talking and laughing.  I took Derek and Jovi home while Stanley took BART back to the east bay.  Jovi and I decided to stop by at McDonald’s because he didn’t eat anything the entire day.  We ended up staying there for an hour and a half just talking and resting our weary legs.  We made plans for the next day and that will be another post when I have the time.


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