American Idol Live 2010!

I attended the American Idol Season 9 concert at The Shoreline in Mountain View on Saturday, August 14th.  To be really critical about this season, I was expecting a very mediocre concert that wasn’t going to excite me.  I went for two reasons, to see my two favorite contestants the whole season, Siobhan Magnus and Crystal Bowersox and because I have attended every single Idol Tour since Season 2.  Surprisingly this concert was actually pretty good.  Maybe I just had low expectations but I had a very good time (the $20 price tag on the tickets were a plus too).  After the concert, I hung around to see if I could take pictures of the Idols and I was able to get some good shots and autographs! Enjoy the pictures and a quick review on each person.

Didi Benami opened the show with two songs.  My favorite was Terrified from her but she’s a very mellow performer and a much smaller venue would do her justice.

Andrew Garcia was next and I thought he did a good job.  Nothing spectacular but he did sound ok.  He did “Straight Up” like he did on the show and I guess the audience got a kick out of it.

Katie Stevens brought the energy level up and impressed with a Demi Lovato song and “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera.  This girl has pipes and she was much better than she was on the show.  Maybe if she waited 2 years, she would have gone much further than she did.

Tim Urban shocked me.  My expectations weren’t high but he was not as bad as he was on the show.  He had a decent voice, nothing amazing but still, girls went crazy for him.

I was really excited for Siobhan Magnus to perform and man can she put on a show!  The best thing was the end of “Paint It Black” when she sang that super high note (some may call a scream) for like 20 seconds!  To me it sounded right on point and filled the stadium well.  People started standing for her because it was so amazing.

Aaron Kelly was the biggest surprise of the night.  I once again didn’t care for him on the show but he really made me a fan after that night.  Dude, this kid can sing!  Also he is really nice and made sure he spent time with fans who voted for him.

Michael Lynch aka Big Mike was the only Idol I got to get a picture with.  He came over a arrogant and cocky to me on the show but he was cool when I spoke to him.  His set was pretty good but the highlight was “Ready for Love” by India.Arie.  I actually liked his set a lot except for the rapping in the end.

Casey James was definitely for the cougars out there.  The guy can play a mean electric guitar but I found his vocals to be average.  He loosened up but I don’t think he deserved to be third.

Crystal Bowersox was robbed!  She should have won if voting were based on talent.  She was definitely a world class performer.  She got people standing up and rockin’ out with her and she touched people’s emotions and made connections with the audience.  This girl is bloody fantastic and America (tween girls and cougars) need to clean their ears and pick the best singer in the competition.

Lee DeWyze, the American Idol, had a good set.  Was he as good as Crystal? Heck no but again the crown went wild for him.  I just felt like everything about his set was loud and like he was shouting.  All songs sounded the same and I would have preferred he do a more diverse set to show more dynamics in his voice.

Overall, I was a decent concert and I had a good time.  Crystal and Siobhan kicked but and Aaron earned a new fan.  Hopefully next year’s competition will be a huge improvement over this one.  Until next year, I hope Idol sticks around for a few more seasons.


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