Quick Shots of London

So I went to London in January of 2009 and since I have been on this traveling streak, I thought I would entertain you with some of my pictures from there.  So I hope you guys enjoy!This is my mom standing in front of Big Ben.  I love how I took this picture at exactly 12:00 noon because the bell was chiming as I snapped this shot.  FYI Big Ben is the name of the bell, not the actual clock tower.

This is the classic London telephone booth.  I reckon they are still operational but now seem obsolete since everyone now carries a mobile phone.  Well perhaps I shouldn’t say obsolete; many homeless people probably call them homes because that particular booth I’m standing in smelled like BO and urine but I just had to get a picture in one.

These were taken inside of the Museum of Natural History.  These are my favorite kind of museums because I love looking at animals.  Anyways, the main entrance really reminded me of Hogwarts.  As I was standing on the steps, I was waiting for them to start moving and switch directions.

Now this is at the British Museum.  I probably went through this place in 10 minutes. I basically sped walked through the various exhibits quickly taking shots of things that looked cool.  Old artifacts don’t quite tickle my fancy but I did see things, such as the Rosetta Stone, that I thought I would never see.

This is a statue of Eros, the God of Love.  He hangs out at Picadilly Circus waiting to shoot his arrow of love to unsuspecting travelers.  That’s all I can say about him.

What I love about London is that their department stores have Food Halls lavishly decorated with tantalizing, gut-busting, food-coma inducing treats.  I could spend the whole day in them.  These pictures were taken at Selfridges and I thought these were some of the most amazing presentations of goodies I have seen, especially the marzipan animals which look too cute to eat.

This is Tower Bridge.  No, not London Bridge.  If you thought it was London Bridge then you are one of the millions of misinformed people who don’t do their research.  Ok, so I was one of them but now I know the difference.  If you want to see London Bridge, it’s not too far away.  The only thing is that it’s nothing special compared to Tower Bridge.  So if London Bridge is falling down, I say “Who cares? It wasn’t much of a looker anyways!” Oh before I forget, Tower Bridge ranked one of the best bridges in the world on the Travel Channel.

I think we need more City Halls like this.

For one of our dinners, we ate at one of the restaurants in the hotel.  This was simply a mushroom risotto.  Let me tell you, I have never had a risotto dish that has topped this one.  I would go back to London just to have this again.

I added this picture for the randomness of it and for the gross factor.  Yes, sometimes I am gross, sometimes.  I still to this day have no idea if that is a real chicken or not.  I found this on the grounds of Windsor Castle, one of the Royal Family’s estates, which I would expect to be a little more classy place that doesn’t have their dead poultry on display.  My gut feeling is that it’s fake but what do I know?  What do you think?  Oh and this picture gives literal meaning to choking the chicken.  Hahahaha.

Yes, the ever famous Stonehenge, or as my mum calls, Hengestone.  This was another experience that I will never forget.  I saw an episode of Ghost Adventures where they visited this place and some haunted Inn nearby which got me really, really excited to be here.  Of course nothing paranormal happened to me, maybe next time . . .

I also went to Oxford University and visited Christchurch College for one reason only.  I wanted to see the dining room that they used in one of the Harry Potter movies.  Darn those wide angle camera shots that make things larger than they really are because I was expecting a humungous dining hall.  In actuality, it was quite compact so I was kind of disappointed.  But as they say, size doesn’t matter . . . it’s how you use it.  And the film makers and cameramen knew how to use it.

(Maybe I should stop all of these dirty referencing but that’s the only way I feel like I’m entertaining you.  At least I’m entertaining myself but that makes me sound lame.)

So to wrap up this rather long entry on London, I will end by sharing two more famous landmarks, the Parliament building and the London Eye.  I don’t understand why the Queen doesn’t want to live in the Parliament building as I find it much more appealing than Buckingham Palace.  I hear there are several restaurants and bars inside that only the politicians are able to use.  The London Eye closes every January for maintenance check ups so I wasn’t able to ride it but I thought it sure looked beautiful from below.

I apologise for the semi-blurry pictures.  I used an old camera that seems to have gone missing over past few months.  Anyways, what else can I say about London?  It’s bloody fabulous and it’s definitely a place I wouldn’t mind living in for several years.  If only it weren’t so gosh darn expensive I would have shopped more.  Again, if you have a chance to go, go!  And if you want some tips, feel free to ask because I’ve only highlighted a few places.  Trust me there is a lot more to see and do in this magnificent city.

That’s it.


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