Quick Shots of Sydney

My trip Down Under was taken in March of 2008 was kind of a mother-son trip because I went with my mom and Alan with his mom.  We went during our Spring Break and flew standby on United.  Luckily we got on but the plane ride was between 12-14 hours if I remember correctly.  Anyways, I’m just glad we got there safely.

Our first stop was at the Olympic Park.  Alan was pretty brave to walk through the jumping water fountains and he barely got wet.

As you can see, Sydney loves the water.  These shots were taken at Darling Harbour where everyone was hanging out that Sunday afternoon.  There were tons of kids playing in the fountains having the time of their life.

I bet you can’t guess what this is!  You have three guesses.  Nope.  Nope.  WRONG!  Ok so it was actually kangaroo.  Yes I know it’s weird (maybe even crazy) but it is very similar to beef and venison, just a little gamey.  The waiter said that Aussies don’t eat ‘roos when they have barbies.  They eat regular stuff like hamburgers and hot dogs.

This is Manly Beach.  I’m guess Manly is the name of someone or the actually town and has nothing to do with masculinity.  Anyways, since Alan was the driver, he was the only one who knew we were going to the beach.  I was dressed in city wear so I looked totally retarded wearing what I did at the beach.

I forgot what this place was called but we had to pay about $2 each to get through the gate.  Since there wasn’t anyone who collected the money, you would just drop it into a box.  Alan and I squeezed into one revolving gate so that we could just pay for one admission.  Yeah we’re bad.

So we made our way through the Blue Mountains and went to see the Three Sisters.  They are the three pillars one the left.

So Alan and I decided that we would hike down a bit just to see if we could get to the bottom.  I guess for some reason we thought we would be able to take an elevator up back to the visitors centre but we were wrong.  We went down about half way when we stopped and asked someone how we get back up.  They told us it was a very long hike and that a tram would take us back but will drop us off far away from where we parked.  Since we didn’t really tell our mothers we were going down, we decided to head back up so they wouldn’t get worried about us.  That was one of the toughest climbs ever because the steps were very steep (or in the words of Yogendra Chapagain, very steepy).

The following day we hung out in the city and took in the popular tourist sites.  We actually climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge that night and it was a spectacular experience.  When I go back to Sydney, I’m doing it again.

This area of Sydney is called “The Rocks.”  This has more of the old town feel as you can see by the old architecture.

Magic rules! OK?

Haha I had to add it in there because Alan and I found it hilarious.  While waiting to climb the bridge, we were looking at the pictures of celebrities who climbed it also and Harry Potter gave us a good laugh.

The Sydney Opera House was amazing to see in person.  I’ve seen this in so many photos but I had one of those “I can’t believe I’m actually here” moments.  I believe I took this picture a few seconds before I dropped my first iPhone into a puddle on the boat and ended up messing up the screen.  (I went to Apple and told them a different story and they replaced it, but let’s keep that secret between us ok?).

Sorry another gross moment.  I just want to mention that Australia has huge spiders hanging and spinning their webs in the trees.  So always be care and always look up just in case one of them is hungry and is coming down to eat you.

No this isn’t a kangaroo, it’s a wallaby.  They look very similar but I’m guessing wallabies are just a bit smaller than kangaroos.

I have this thing for pandas but these red pandas stole my heart.  There were two of them at the Taronga Zoo and they were very active and playful.  I probably stood there watching them for a good 15 minutes before I moved on to the next animals.  They are so cute and I would love to have one as a pet.

And how could I not show you a picture of a koala?  Look at this one nomming his way through the eucalyptus leaves.  They are so adorable I want to hug one!  They actually have a lot at the zoo but many of them were sleeping when I was there.  The zoo even lets people take pictures with them but I didn’t want to pay $15.  Looking back, I think I should have just done it because now I am regretting I didn’t.

So here is the Sydney skyline.  I took this while riding down the cable cars at the zoo.  I don’t have much to say about it except that it is beautiful.  I really miss Australia and want to go back.  Next time I’m going to do more adventurous things like rafting or bungee jumping, something like that.

That’s it.


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