Final Fantasy VII Trading Arts

So one of Square-Enix’s brilliant marketing strategies are selling mini figurines in blind boxes with a random figure inside.  I usually don’t know where to find these things so I always end up buying the entire set on ebay.  This was no exception.  There were a total of eight figures in the set but I only chose to photograph my two favorite ones.  Maybe if I have some time, I will photograph the rest of the characters but I’m sure these will do for now.

So these figures are only about 3 or 4 inches in height but they have so much detail. These figures came with a potion drink (an energy drink) and was only sold in Japan.  Plus the figures came in pieces so when I opened them, I had to put them together.  As I was putting in Cloud’s left hand, the sword he was holding broke off.  Since I wasn’t able to glue it back, I asked Jovi for his help and he was able to do it.  He actually did a really good job because you can’t tell where it broke.

Ok so I’m gonna end this post because I wanna start a new one.


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