Pat’s or Geno’s?

Ever been to Philadelphia?  Well I went there last Labor Day weekend and I just had to find out for myself if all the cheesesteaks from Pat’s and Geno’s lived up to the hype.

When I got there, both had really long lines.  It was a nightmare trying to find parking but we got lucky.  So in true AJ fashion, I had to have both.  I mean c’mon?  How are you supposed to know who really has a better cheesesteak?

My thoughts on Pat’s? They gave more meat at Pat’s but it was tough.  I didn’t like the bread either.  I was really disappointed.  My score: 2/5

Next up is Geno’s

Yeah, Geno’s was all flashy and everything and even had a wall of celebrities.  My take?  I only got a small amount of meat and it was stringy and too chewy.  It was also really greasy and came with soggy bread.  This again was a disappointment.  2/5.  Maybe giving them a 2 is too generous but it was an experience I can now cross off my list.

The entire time I was thinking that Denny’s made better Philly cheesesteaks.  Although my journey in finding a decent cheesesteak was not over.  I gave it another shot at the Reading Terminal Market and that was miles away than the crap I ate at Pat’s and Geno’s.

If you still really want to go or just want to prove me wrong, go ahead and stay in line and tell me if it’s worth it.  For me, I thought both were epic fails.


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