Final Fantasy VIII Seifer and Odin Statue

Sorry for my absence but I was busy living life.  So I got something new in the mail and of course I decided to share it with you.  This is the Seifer and Odin statue that was produced by Kotobukiya in 1998 and they come serialized.  My specific statue is No. 113, which is a really low number.  I actually didn’t win this on ebay.  I was outbid but the seller had more of this statue so they gave me a second chance offer and I took it.  Second chance offers is a chance to buy the item based on your maximum bid.  I consider myself very lucky winning this for under $200 because all of the other ones I’ve seen went for a lot more than that.  Anyways, back to the boring back drop because I am too scared to take it outside.  Enjoy!

If you didn’t notice what was going on with the diorama, it is the scene where Seifer kills Odin in Final Fantasy VIII.  I don’t think I took any shots of his gunblade, but if you look at the details in person, you will see that the gunblade is smeared with blood which I think is a really cool detail.  Plus I am really amazed by the sculpt of Seifer, himself.  I think the artist who did his face did an amazing job.  I really like how the scar across his face is clear and it brings the character to life.  Anyway, I hope you liked it because it is another piece I’m proud of.


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2 Responses to Final Fantasy VIII Seifer and Odin Statue

  1. Johnnie Walker says:

    Damn, thats so sweet… i want this sculpture, like i want the one with Irvine, Xell and Diabolus or Squall and Bahamut. just amazing. What cost that masterpiece?


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