Final Fantasy VIII Squall and Bahamut Statue

I’ve owned this statue for years and I just decided to post pictures of it because I already did my posts on Odin and Siren.  I was lucky enough to find this at a store in Japantown and got it for a really cheap price.  This was a display piece they had and I was able to purchase it from them.  They boxed it up and I took it home.  The only thing wrong about this statue is that I kind of cracked the little peg on the foot which holds Squall in place which is not a big deal because a lot of my stuff had been fixed by yours truly.

I did not expect that the colors would come out so vibrantly but I think it came out very well.  The only thing I noticed about this statue is that Bahamut’s eyes are so tiny.  I have no idea how anything could see with itty bitty eyes like that.  I also like the tongue sticking out.  I hope you can see the details in Squall’s face because his skin tone looks kind of pasty which washed him out a bit.  Other than that, I hope you enjoy the pictures.


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