Final Fantasy XIII Play Arts Kai Shiva

For the latest Final Fantasy game, Square-Enix decided they would release some of the Eidolons that would be proportionate to the summoner who calls upon them in time of need.  For Final Fantasy XIII, the summons were basically transformers.  Each had two forms, its normal mode and the Gestalt mode.  The first of the two Eidolons being released are the Shiva sisters.  Shiva altogether, is the motorcycle in Gestalt mode, while separating them is their normal mode.  As the bike splits into two parts, the lighter colored character is Nix while the other is Styria.  The cool thing about these figures are that they are highly detailed and huge.  Like I said before, they are proportionate to the character who summons them.

As you can see in the pictures, Snow fits perfectly on the bike but I just don’t see how comfortable that would be.  Snow is about 9 inches tall so the Shiva sisters reach approximately 16-17 inches.  They are too tall to fit into the display cabinets so they have to stay on top but I would rather find a place for them to be protected.  I am so excited for Odin to come in the mail.  I pre-ordered both in January and Shiva came in July and Odin will be released this month.  Since I ordered really early, I got a great discount on them and paid nowhere near the retail price.  I don’t think I’ve ever come across them in stores but online is the best place to oder them.

Make sure you keep a lookout when my Odin figure arrives!


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