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Have you ever picked up an album of an artist not knowing what to expect from their music?  Well this is what I did when I picked up an album by HURTS.  I randomly stumbled upon it and I thought … Continue reading

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My Apologies

No I’m not dead. No I did not abandon the blog. I’ve just been tremendously busy with school and work.  It was my mistake signing up for 2 literature classes.  There are way too many books to read and papers … Continue reading

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Nom Nom Truck

When I was in LA two weeks ago, I just had to stop by the Nom Nom Truck which was one of the competitors in Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race.  I really wanted them to win, probably because they … Continue reading

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Dream Entry #1

So I’m in class right now and I’m supposed to be paying attention but I just remembered the dream I had last night so I wanted to document it before I forget it again. For those of you who really … Continue reading

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205 Rodeo

Ok so I’m not exactly sure if that’s the name of the restaurant but it was on Rodeo Drive.  My mom and I were walking around admiring the building on Rodeo Drive that the architectural firm we work for, Kaplan … Continue reading

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Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles

So I was in Los Angeles about a week and a half ago and all I did was eat.  One of the places I had to hit up was Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles because there is so much hype behind … Continue reading

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