Final Fantasy XIII Play Arts Kai Odin

So I finally get to start posting the pictures of Odin.  I pre-ordered this in January and if finally arrived in October.  At first it was scheduled for a July release date but it got pushed back all the way to the end of October.

The Good: This figure is huge!  It’s stands at about 19″ inches and is way too tall to fit in any cabinet I have.  So again, just like all of the other play arts figures from Square-Enix, Odin is highly, highly detailed.  The paint job is spectacular on this thing.  Everything is so intricately detailed that I don’t want anything to scratch it.  He looks very mighty and powerful when put next to Lightning.  The two go great together.  The Odin figure actually comes with two extra hands for Lightning to be able to hold the two massive swords that she uses when they fight together in the game.

If you hadn’t noticed, just like Shiva, Odin transforms.  Unfortunately, it took like 20 minutes to transform it and you have to switch joints and change hands and so forth.  You definitely need to keep all of your pieces in a bag all together.  It comes with instructions but the written instructions are limited.  Mostly, they go on picture instructions.  Out of the box, Odin is in his horse form, which is also very cool.  In that form, he stands at about 12 or 13 inches and Lighting is able to ride him.

The bad: This thing comes with a stand and it comes in 4 pieces.  The part that connects to the stand and the one that carries the body of Odin did not fit together.  It was like the pegs were too big to fit in the holes.  I tried carving the holes to make it a little bit  bigger but it still doesn’t fit right.  Because of that, Odin is not standing properly.  I wish the joints were a lot tighter so he can hold different poses but his weight is not balanced enough to do it.  Secondly, the shield thing is very frustrating to put together.  I am afraid of touching it because it might fall off.  Parts of it seem very fragile so I don’t want to mess with it much.  Lastly, transforming it back to its horse form takes a toll on the joints because they seemed less sturdy than the first time.

Even though I mentioned a lot of negatives, the positives outweigh them.  If you don’t plan on playing with it much and leaving it in one mode, it is a great addition to any collection.  It is a definite must have for any Final Fantasy fan.  Enjoy the pictures!


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