Dream Entry #2

So I had a dream the other night that I can still somewhat remember.

This time I was on a roller coaster and the track was a pretty straightforward ride.  There were no turns or anything.  It was one of those thrill rides that rely on speed and height to bring fear to the riders.  The shape of the track was basically like a “w” and you would start at the top and gain speed and momentum going down the track.  The ride was also suspended by cables (much like the Bay Bridge or Golden Gate Bridge) and over a large body of water.  Going up the very steep hill was based on all of the force you built up, and most of the time, is supposed to go up to the top and back down in one shot.  So anyways, it was my turn to ride and I went down the first drop at 120 mph and rapidly started to climb to a height of 500 feet .  All of a sudden I lose momentum just as I was almost to the top and I started going backwards.  To make things even worse, my harnesses and belts were not properly checked and ended up breaking.  Because of the height and gravity and whatever, I got lifted out of my seat and ended up falling down towards the water.  I thought for sure I was a gonner but out of nowhere some guy in an orange prison outfit saw me, cut a cable with his sword and used it as a rope to swing around the track to catch me.  Then he said I was too heavy for him. 

I think the entire dream was telling me I’m fat the entire time.

Then I woke up . . . this time I wasn’t laughing though.

That’s It.


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Simple things make me happy.
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