Artist of the Week: Robyn

If you don’t know who Robyn is then let me introduce her to you.  She is a Dance-Pop singer / songwriter and she hails from Sweden.  She’s been around for quite a while but it is only until earlier this year I got in to her music.  This she she released 3 albums!  Yup, it’s not a typo.  Three fantastic albums in my opinion.  Well they may not be entire albums, more like 3 EPs but that is still really amazing.  What I really loved about each release was that an acoustic version of the next leading single would be on the EP and then the fully produced track would make its debut.  Anyways, enjoy the music!

“Dancing On My Own”

“Hang With Me”

“Dancing On My Own” Live at iheartradio

“Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart” Alicia Key’s cover Live at iheartradio

“With Every Heartbeat” Live at iheartradio

“Criminal Intent” audio

One of my personal favorites is “Criminal Intent” because I find it to be really catchy as well as “Dancing On My Own.”

So yeah I hope you enjoyed what you heard and saw!


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