My Pet Peeves #4

So I’m supposed to be in class right now, but instead I am sitting in the Cesar Chavez building because I don’t want to walking into class really late.

I’m going to start by letting you know that the parking meters at SFSU suck!  I hate these things with a passion.  Today finally marked my frustration with it.  I really think the administrative powers should be doing something about the parking meters because I know there are so many other students who are very frustrated with this thing.  First of all, the meters don’t accept bills that are not crispy.  They keep rejecting the bills and sometimes we do not have extra bills.  Secondly, some of the meters only accept coins which is very frustrating becasue no one wants to be carrying around five dollars in quarters around.  Lastly, the meters seem to break down all the time.  There are so many that are out of order that people have to end up waiting in long lines at other meters.  Even for a few weeks the same machine remains unfixed.  I know that there are parking attendants that check the cars to see if they paid for parking so I also believe it is their duty to inform the school about the machines that are not working so they would get the proper attention and fix the problem right away.  It is so inconvenient to have to keep going from one machine to another when you have a class to attend.

So my story today begins with me trying to pay for parking at the closest machine to my car.  After waiting a few minutes in line, my five dollar bill keeps on being rejected.  So I move on to the next machine and that one is out of order.  I go down the stairs and try to insert my money.  Rejected.  Then I go up two flights of stairs and wait in another line.  Rejected.  So I ended up going to Cafe Rosso by Burk Hall and bought a muffin so I could break my ten and get a five.  So I go back down to the garage and trying to pay for parking again.  I try the same machines again and I still get rejected.  This is the worst parking day of my life!  I go back to Cafe Rosso and made sure I exchanged my money for a much crisper five.  So attempt number three I went back down and finally the machine takes it.  I went to my car to put the receipt on my dashboard and hiked all the way back up to campus.

This whole fiasco took about 30 minutes of my life away to pay for parking.  So yeah I’m kind of mad right now so don’t push my buttons.  I had to pee really bad too.

That’s it.


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