McDonald’s in France

So for those of you who don’t know, McDonald’s is one of my weaknesses.  There is something about those hot, crispy, golden-brown fries that has me swiping my debit card at the register week after week.  I have a mini goal of having McDonald’s in every country I visit and compare it to home.  Last week I was in Paris and my first meal there was at the McDonald’s on the Champs-Elysees.

So as you can see, even in Paris, McDonald’s is very popular.  I assume that most of the people who come and eat here are tourists as well but it I understand that if you are traveling on a budget or have a hectic schedule, having two-hour lunches may not be high on the list.

Also, I was thinking about trying to order in French but once I got to the counter I lost confidence so I politely asked the cashier if she spoke English.  She did, so I ordered per usual.

Anyways moving on . . .

Whenever I have McDonald’s at home, I usually stick to a chicken meal for some reason that I can’t remember.  This time I ordered the six piece chicken nuggets and surprisingly, they tasted very similar to the nuggets at home.  If you can’t tell, I upgraded my order to a large, which is basically our medium size here in the states.

One thing that was different was that my fries not only came with ketchup, but it also came with pommes-frites sauce.

I was really surprised to see this and was excited to taste what it was.  I guess in my mind I was thinking it was going to be like the sauce and stuff they put on animal-style fries at In-N-Out but it was a kind of ranch dressing-mayonnaise concoction that I personally did not care for.

So you know whenever you order chicken nuggets the cashier always asks what kind of sauce you want?  Well this time they didn’t ask.  She automatically gave me the sweet and sour sauce.  At first I was shocked because she made an assumption that that was the only sauce I would want because I’m Asian.  I know for a fact that they have different sauces but I was just given the “Chinoise” sauce because of the way I look.  NEWSFLASH: I am Asian American and I hate how eurocentrically taught people kind of mesh all Asian cultures as Chinese, but that’s another post.  Bottom line, I would have liked to have had the choice of sauce instead of given something else because of the way I look.  Even though I feel that what happened to me was wrong in a way, I do have to admit that I also find it funny in a way.

So the next day, we went to visit the Palace of Versailles and right across the street from the metro station was a McDonald’s.  We went inside and I was amazed by how nice the design of this restaurant was.  It was very modern and stylish and kind of chic in a way.  What really threw me over the edge was that if you want, you don’t have to stay in line to place your order.  You can go to a touch screen stand and place your order there.  All you need to do was select the language, swipe your card, pick your meal, grab the receipt, and wait for your number to be called at the counter.  It was a very efficient way to take orders and also kind of fun at the same time.  Once again this McDonald’s was busy and packed with people.  We had to wait for people to leave so we could get a table.

What I love about McDonald’s in Europe is that the McCafe is separate from the rest of the cashiers.  Here, the McCafe is against the other wall and they have baristas that make the espressos and whatnot.  Also what I love is that there are many choices for dessert.  They don’t have the ice cream sundaes or the apple pies, they have cakes, tiramisu, croissants, and french macaroons!  Although they aren’t going to be the best quality macaroons you’ll find in Paris, it’s pretty cool that you have a bunch of sweets that make you go “Oo la la.”


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