David Burke’s Primehouse

On my way back from Paris, I accidentally ended up in Chicago for 2 days because sometimes flying standby sucks.  Since I tried to make the most of my misfortune, I decided to find out what Samantha Brown (my favorite Travel Channel host) did when she visited Chicago for a weekend.

For dinner, she featured a steakhouse called Primehouse.  It is located at The James Hotel on the corner of Ontario and Rush.  Anyways, I saw how they aged their beef and really found it amazing how they can age some of their beef for up to 75 days!  There is also a wall of Himalayan rock salt that seasons the beef while it ages.

Also, I found out that Primehouse was also featured on “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” on the Food Network.  It was the 75 day aged rib eye.  I was so tempted to order it but just could not muster up the guts to shell out $67.00 for a piece of meat.

Before placing a reservation, I Yelped this place out and it got 4 / 5 stars which is good in my book so I went ahead with reserving a table at 6:30 for dinner.

Since it was our first time at Primehouse, our waiter, Brian, explained how they age their beef and explained all of their different cuts and such.  I think he talked to us for a good five minutes about it.  To be honest I lost him somewhere in the middle and tuned out the rest of the way.  No worries.  I had already made my decision.

After placing our orders, we were given some brioche pop-overs.  These were kind of dry and did not come out warm so I did not finish it.  That’s ok though because I had to save room for the appetizer and my main course.

Since it was our first time, we were given a tuna crostini, compliments of the chef.  It was so small, I downed that thing in one bite.

Our appetizer was the Wagyu Beef Sashimi on a brick of Himalayan rock salt.

This was a really neat to have because it isn’t something you see on a menu everyday.  I was afraid the rock salt would have over seasoned the beef but it didn’t.  It was actually very light and the saltiness actually came from the dried benito flakes on top.

Apparently, when you order steaks here, that’s all you get.  Sides cost extra and at $6.00 per side (or 3 for $18.00) that’s pretty steep.  Anyways, we still ended up ordering 2 sides because we really wanted to try whatever we could.  The truffle fries with asiago cheese tasted amazing.  I only wish I had asked to have the fries crispier.  The garlic spinach was garlicky.

My mom had the Sirloin cooked medium rare.  It was tender and juicy.

I went with the 28 day aged rib eye.  It had great marbling and was very tender.

Overall, the food was good and we were stuffed like turkeys on Thanksgiving.  We were so full we had to pass on dessert.

My ratings:

Food – 4 / 5

Service – 5 / 5

Atmosphere 5 /5

Would I go back? Sure, as long as someone else is paying.


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