Portraits of My Friends in Paris and London

So I went to Paris with three very good friends of mine and we had a good time.  Since I got a new camera before the trip, I thought I would try to capture some of the great moments we had.  So I hope you enjoy them!

Dawnee and Alan on some kind of climbing contraption thingy behind Notre Dame cathedral.

Joe, Alan, Dawnee, and Me sitting by the Seine River

These are all pictures taken at The Palace of Versailles

From the top of the Arc de Triomphe.

Dawnee in the modern Financial District in Paris.

At the Louvre trying to get a jumping picture.  Dawnee was just way too excited.

Alan looking into the pyramid.

Alan in Jardin des Tuileries.

Joe and Dawnee grubbin’ on some falafel.

Alan in the Tube in London.  Maybe the gap is on his mind.

Me and Mom enjoying some Fish and Chips outside the Tower of London

Alan enjoying his too!

Dawnee still trying to get her jumping picture.  Out of all the ones I took, this one came out the best.

So yeah, I’m very happy with how these pictures came out.  Thoughts?


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