Just Because

So last week my mom made spaghetti and meatballs . . . from scratch.  Why?  Just because.  She even plated it very nicely for me . . . just because.

Ok well maybe not entirely from scratch . . . I mean to say the sauce and the meatballs were made from scratch.  They were pork meatballs but my mom really wanted to make them out of veal . . . who cares, it tasted fantastic!

Not only did it look fantastic, it tasted amazing.  There is something she added in the sauce that I can’t place a taste bud on.  You know, it’s probably nutmeg.  It’s always nutmeg.  Anyways, the sauce was very tomatoey (I’m going through a tomato phase in my life) and spicy.  I love it when you take a few bites and all of a sudden . . . BAM . . . you’re mouth starts to water and sweat starts dripping down your head.  YUM!

Are you jealous that my mom is awesomer than your mom?  I love her!


About ajsrichantra

Simple things make me happy.
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