Christopher Elbow Chocolates

So last Friday I decided to treat myself (and my coworkers) with a sweet treat.  I went out for a walk during my lunch hour to Union Square and headed over to The Container Store to pick up some acrylic risers for my action figures.  Anyways on to the good stuff.

After picking up my stuff I headed over to the Westfield Mall to pick up some chocolates from Cocoa Bella.  I thought Cocoa Bella was a brand of chocolates but found out they actually sell other chocolates from around the world.  A friend of mine told me about Christopher Elbow chocolates and raved about how good they were so I finally had my chance to try some out.

You might be wondering why the box is almost empty.  It’s because I shared it with a lot of people at work.  I’m glad I got several of each flavor so I would be able to try as many different ones as I could.  What you see in the pictures are the Venezuelan Chile, Bananas Foster, Balsamic Caramel, Pear Caramel, Raspberry, and Passion Caramel.

My favorite ones were the Raspberry and the Passion Caramel.  You can really taste the fruit and the chocolate isn’t overpowering it.  I think they blend very well together.

All of the other chocolates I had were awesome too and I highly recommend trying them. I do have to warm you that these chocolates are expensive.  My box of 20 cost me $34.00! They charge by eight and they cost $80/lb.  My box wasn’t even half a pound so I was kind of shocked.  Was it worth it?  YES!  But only as a once in a while thing.  These are really high quality chocolates so I don’t mind spending this kind of money for really good chocolate.  This would actually make a great gift because you can customize your box and choose chocolates from all over the world.  I think I might just do that for the next birthday celebration I will go to.


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