Final Fantasy VIII Leviathan with Selphie and Quistis Statue

This is the newest addition to my collection.  This is from Final Fantasy VIII and it was released by Kotobukiya in 1999.  This is one of the rarest statues in this line so I was really happy when I won it on ebay.  This statue, however, is damaged.  I will say that the damage isn’t as bad as it was described so I am really thrilled about that.  Unfortunately this also did not come with its original box or numbered card, but I’m pretty sure this is authentic.  So I hope you enjoy the pictures.

You can see how one of the horns broke off.

The face looks pretty awesome.

You can also see that the tips of Selphie’s hair is chipped; it’s nothing a little paint can’t fix though.

Luckily, Qustis is not damaged.

I don’t know why Selphie’s name was spelled Sephine.  Also I’m not really sure how many of this particular statue was made but it is pretty rare.

This last one is my favorite out of the last three.  To me it looks like a dream and Leviathan is ready to go back to the ocean.

Let me tell you I have never been so nervous bidding for this.  I really wanted it and am so glad it is now in my possession.

For this line, I only need the Diabolus statue with Zell and Irvine s o if any of you readers have one and want to sell it to me, hit me up!


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4 Responses to Final Fantasy VIII Leviathan with Selphie and Quistis Statue

  1. Alex says:


    each figure of the set is limited to 3 000 in the world. This figure is exactly as rare as all the others ! But it’s true that this one shows up less than the other. The only explanation I’ve found, is that people like it most and sell it less. Maybe also only true collectors bought this one, while a random guy may have bought squall and bahamut cause it was cool and just want to sell it after. Don’t know, but the limited series are the same for all !


    • ajsrichantra says:

      Thanks for the insight! I think your reasoning makes a lot of sense. As true collectors, we probably just have a hard time letting go of certain things while on the other hand, Joe Shmoe probably liked the main character for a while and then decided they either needed the money more or just wanted to free up some shelf space.


  2. Mark says:

    Hey I actually bid for this statue on ebay a while ago. Now I know who won it! 😉 This is the only one I now need to complete my collection but it comes up so rarely on ebay these days. Not sure why as im assuming equal numbers of each were produced. Hope you enjoy it as it looks lovely.


    • ajsrichantra says:

      Sorry I am replying so late, I’m on vacation. I’ve had a few other replies saying that they tried bidding on this specific one too! It’s pretty crazy how things work out. Ever since I completed my collection of these, I haven’t been searching for final fantasy statues. But anyways, I wish you a lot of luck in completing your set! When you do, let me know! LOL.


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