City View Dim Sum

For a while I have been craving some dim sum so during an off Friday from work my mom and I decided to visit City View Dim Sum on Commercial Street in San Francisco.  Now I know that many Chinese people will think that this isn’t the absolute best place to find dim sum because of some of the choices, price, and of course the patrons.  This is more of a touristy place for dim sum because most of the people who come in are not Chinese and the people work there are more patient and speak better English than some other more authentic dim sum places.  Also, this is more of a beginner’s introduction to dim sum for those who aren’t as familiar with what it is (shall I say Dim Sum 101?).  Anyway, the reason why I wanted to go here is because I really like their roasted duck with the steam bun and the hoisin sauce.

The first thing we picked from one of the carts was the fried calamari.  So I don’t think this is traditional dim sum but I liked the seasoning they put in the batter.  It has a little kick and it was lightly salted which was nice.

I can’t remember the name of this one, but it has some vegetables and shrimp inside.  This too was yummy.

This is the reason we came to City View.  You simply open the bun and stuff it with the roasted duck and slather on some hoisin sauce and scallions.  You kind of eat it like a mini sandwich or a taco.  I love the juiciness o fthe duck and the saltiness of the hoisin sauce.  The blandness of the bun helps balance out the flavors and textures going on inside the mouth.  I loved this so much that I had to get another one when the lady came around again.

Next was the walnut shrimp.  I usually like this dish when it comes out really hot.  This time O guess it was on the cart for a little bit and it cooled downmaking the outside batter soggy.

This was the last thing we ordered.  We felt like we definitely needed to eat more veggies.  This was like a wall of greend.  The leaves and the stalk were tender.  It is served with a side of oyster sauce.

The worst thing about eating dim sum is that there are so many choices and they all look so good that you tend to order too much.  Then you think that because the plates are tiny, you’re not eating too much, but it all adds up in the end.  One thing first timers should take notice of is that whenever you order something, the people pushing the cart will stamp your receipt.  There are so many categories and they just stamp them based on what your order is.  Also, there is no chart or anything that tells you the prices of anything so beware because you could be in for a shock once you get your bill.

Food: 4

Service: 4

Atmosphere: 4.5


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