Alan’s Graduation

On May 14th one of my best friends graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in civil engineering.  Alan and I have been friends since first grade so this was a very, very special day.  Enjoy the pictures!

Here we are waiting in line at the Will Call ticketing office to get extra tickets.  I love how these pictures came out because Alan’s sash is very colorful.  It represents his Filipino pride.

Class of 2011.

Alan giving his speech.  He’s always been a very good speaker so I was very proud to see him up there.  Also, he did give the best speech.  It was very reflective, funny, and inspiring.  He challenged his fellow graduates with the task of helping make the world a better place to live so hopefully in the near future we will already see improvements.

The entire ceremony lasted about 4 hours.  Yes, it was long, but it was fun and it was all for Alan.  I guess many people in the audience knew how long it was going to take so many of them brought iPads, pillows, books, and snacks to keep themselves busy. Afterwards we headed to the Embassy Suites in Burlingame where Alan had his reception.

Kristie, Me, and Abby.  I had to change my shirt because I was sweating so much in Berkeley.  Hahaha.

I don’t know who this lady is, but I love this picture.  It looks like grandma is giving him a lecture.

I was very honored to have been ask to dedicate two songs for Alan.  I wish I could have performed a few more numbers, but I didn’t want to take up more of other people’s time. The first song I sang was “Someone Like You” by Adele and the second was “Beautiful Day” by U2.  I really wish I got this on video, but I forgot my Flip.

Joy and Joe also got to perform a Hip-Hop number.

Some more pictures with friends!  This is my supermodel friend, Arcelle.  Arcelle.  Arcelle.  Doesn’t that sound like a famous person’s name?  Or maybe royalty, like Princess Arcelle (I digress).

My mom and Alan’s mom.

Me and Alan again.  Some people say we could pass as brothers.  I don’t know.  What do you think?

Our family photo.

Overall, it was a very exciting and fantastic day.  It was full of joy because it was a day of celebrating friendships and accomplishments.  I want to congratulate Alan again and I wish him a very bright future where doors fling open for him and he grabs every opportunity that comes his way.


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