2223 Redux

Last Thursday, Dawnee and I went out because we wanted to go back to 2223.  She wanted to go back because she liked the food and I wanted to go back to see if the last time I ate here was just an off day for the chef.  The last time didn’t impress me, but I was open to giving this place another try.  Earlier that day I had a dentist appointment and was running a little late, but luckily I made it to the restaurant right when Dawnee was getting seated.  Also, I was able to snag a parking spot on the street around that area so I just had really good timing.

We didn’t want to overeat so we decided to skip the appetizers.

Dawnee wasn’t too hungry so she decided to go for the half size of the steamed mussels and clams.

The first time I ate at 2223 I had the pork chop.  The second time I had the pot roast. This time I ordered the Fulton Valley Farms grilled chicken.  I’ve tried this before from picking from my other friend’s plate and I actually liked this one the best out of the three main courses I’ve had.  It was very buttery and nicely seasoned with herbs and lemon. Even though this was my favorite of the three, I could only manage to eat half of the chicken and had the rest to go.

I guess Dawnee was too full that she couldn’t order her sorbet, but you know I always have room for dessert.  This time the chocolate valhrona cake was absent from the menu so I went for the next closest thing, the molten lava cake.  The cake was good.  It was sweet, but not too sweet (maybe because I had them remove the caramel sauce).  The cake was accompanied by a dollop of coffee ice cream.  You know what bothered me about the taste of the cake?  I felt like the cake tasted like something I could get from Trader Joe’s.  I could have sworn I had picked up a box of these form the frozen dessert section before.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that’s the cake they used, all I’m saying is that it tasted very, very similar.

I guess the third time’s a charm.  My meal was very good compared to the second time. After dinner, Dawnee and I walked around a bit and ran into a homeless man who was asking for food.  At first I ignored him, then I saw that he was collecting boxes and keeping them organized.  I assumed he was probably collecting them to bring to the recycling center to make some money, so I turned around and happily handed my leftover chicken to him.  He is definitely going to have a good meal.  He deserved it and he definitely needed it more than I did.  I really saw this as an opportunity to make someone’s day and I’m glad I took it.  That capped off my night perfectly.

My revised ratings:

Food: 4.2223 / 5

Atmosphere: 4.2223 / 5

Service: 3.7777 / 5


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