Final Fantasy XI Tarutaru Trading Arts

These are the Tarutaru Trading Arts figures from Final Fantasy XI.  I’ve never actually played Final Fantasy XI so I don’t really know what their roles in the game is.  I’ve had these figures for a while but I wanted to try out my new lens on something that was tiny.  These guys stand at about 3 inches.  All I can say about them is they are simply adorable.Robel-Akbel wishes to remain mysterious.

Ajido-Marujido seems curious. . .

I actually never noticed until I took these pictures that I found the paint job of this particular figure a little shotty.  You can see that the brush went out of the lines and parts of it look a little sloppy.  But then again it adds to the personality of the character.  It makes them more individual.  Also, I know I would not have done a better job painting something this tiny.

Star Sibyl wants to give you something . . . or tell you the future.

I have to say, this is one of my personal favorites out of this set.  I’m really attracted to the shape and find it to be really cute.  From the side, it really looks like the orb is floating, but from the front, you can see that it is glued to the side of her hair.  It was a nice touch.

Don’t mess . . . Ok this is the coolest looking one which is why it probably chosen as the secret figure in the set.  Arc Angel is definitely badass.Shantotto want to give you a BIG hug!  This was the last figure of the set that I got.  I love how the eyes are very striking.

The last picture is a group shot of the set.  It’s pretty awesome, huh?

This is definitely a cute collection.  Despite some of the paint work, they are highly detailed.  If you think about, no one is really going to go up close and examine every little detail so they won’t really notice the imperfections from a distance.


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