Final Fantasy III Trading Arts


This is my Final Fantasy III Trading Arts collection.  Another totally adorable collection that makes the manliest man squee.  Just like FFXI, I didn’t play this one either.  What’s wrong with me?  Why do I even consider myself a Final Fantasy fan?  Well, some questions were never meant to be answered and I guess those are two of them.  Anyways, I’ll just let the pictures to all the talking.

Luneth the Freelancer:  Jack of all trades but a master of none.  This is the plainest looking one to me but it is still very cute.

Arc the Red Mage:  Reminds me of one of the Musketeers.  Very Italian Renaissance looking while the hat is very Robin Hood.  Very dapper indeed.

Ingus the Knight:  Rockin’ the faux hawk helmet.  I also love the hooded cape.

Refia the Devout:  The outfit is too cute for words.  The kitty cat hood and the ribbon is perfect.

Refia the Dragoon:  The headpiece and armor look really good.  Parts of it look worn so it gives the impression that she really went to battle.

Refia the Magus:  The witch hat always makes me smile.  I love the buckle and the crescent moon on it.  Very Halloween looking.

Refia the Dark Knight:  I love this outfit.  It’s just makes you smile because she looks tough from the front, but when she turns around, the pigtails make you melt.  I actually didn’t notice the paint mishap on her right leg until I took these pictures of her.  It doesn’t matter people can’t tell when they see it in person.

Again, these are super super cute.

I cannot pick a favorite out of the bunch.  Which one is your favorite?



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