The House

Let me tell you what one of my truest loves is.  It’s food.  More specifically, food from The House.  I’ve been here a million times, but every time I eat here, it feels like it’s the first time.  Whenever my friends at work decide to eat at The House, I am always filled with excitement because I know I will have a fantastic meal and will always enjoy my company. The House is on Grant in in North Beach and it is kind of discrete so you have look up to find the sign.

To start, we had two appetizers.  The first was the usual: Deep Fried Salmon Rolls.

I always have to order this every time I come here.  The salmon is always cooked perfectly and the wasabi dressing is the perfect complement.  If you order this dish, be warned and try the sauce first.  Don’t put a spoon full over your salmon roll or else you might be sorry.  Don’t underestimate the wasabi.  Oh and if you have a cold, the sauce will definitely clear up your sinuses.  If you take more than you can handle, don’t blame me because all I will say is “tolja so!”

The second appetizer was grilled calamari with a tangy tomato sauce.  When the dish arrives, you see these flakes that are swaying about and it looks like the dish is still alive. Those are actually bonito flakes which are shavings of a dried bonito fish.  We ordered this before, but I never tried it myself.  Today I did because I wanted to be able to describe it to you and I’m glad I did because I was totally impressed.  The squid was cooked perfectly.  It wasn’t overdone because it was so tender.  I hate it when squid is overcooked.  It gets chewy and the texture is ruined.  I think I was really hesitant to try this before because of the fishiness of the bonito, but the tomato sauce really covered it up.  All the bonito flakes did was add saltiness to the dish.  It tasted more charred and a little mesquite from the sauce.  I will definitely order this again whenever they have it because it is one of their specials and not on their main menu.

Gail had the flatiron steak.

Kris had the sea bass.

I’m not going to write about these because I think I already have in my first post on The House.

I guess today’s theme was “Firsts.”  I tried the grilled calamari for the first time and I decided to pass on the steak and the sea bass for the Grilled Pork Chop with pomegranate and black currant sauce with a few blueberries.  A guy at the table next to us ordered this and it looked really good. He cleaned his plate and told us it was fantastic.  Holy Moly!  This was definitely the best freaking pork chop I’ve ever had in my life!  It was served medium and it was so moist, so juicy, and so tender that I was definitely having a moment in my mouth.  It came with a side of asparagus and mashed potatoes with two long strips of fried sweet potato chips sticking out.  From the front, the dish looked like a bunny. The pomegranate sauce was pure heaven.  It was just a fantastic mix of textures of the meat and kernels of pomegranate.  I now have three dishes to choose from the next time I go back.

The aftermath of lunch.

Each of us cleaned our plate and there was nothing left to take home.

That may have been the end of the main course, but it was not the end of the meal.  The House always has amazing desserts so we ordered three of them.

The first dessert we went with was the Key Lime pie.  It was a special for the day and I like Key Lime pie so I went for it.  If you want to go for dessert, go between Wednesday – Saturday because that is when their pastry chef is in.  The pastry chef makes whatever they feel like so there is usually something different.  As for the pie, it was good, but really sour.  A heap of blue berries was on top and a chantilly cream on the bottom.

This is the Mango Tapioca pudding; a very light and refreshing dessert, perfect for the hot weather.  I really love the flower design they put on top using the mango puree; a really nice touch.

At first we only decided to order two desserts, but I still wanted the creme brulee so we added that last minute.  This is no ordinary creme brulee.  It was a coconut and passion fruit creme brulee.  I just love cracking the burnt sugar top and digging my spoon into the custard.  I usually don’t like creme brulees but this is on a whole ‘nother level of goodness.


What can I say?  I love food and I’m so glad my friends at work do too.  I consider The House a hidden gem in San Francisco.  Most of the people who come here are locals and many unfamiliar tourists walk by this place not know just what they are missing. However, the table next to us was a family from St. Louis, Missouri who was visiting their son, but they know about this place.  They say they visit San Francisco once a year and always come to The House because of the fantastic meals.  It was kind of funny knowing that their son, who resides in the city, was having his first meal at The House that day.

What is great is that I got to know The House by word of mouth.  Everyone at KMD knows it and probably has eaten there.  Check out the ratings on Yelp because they are really high.  The House is a place I can go for a guaranteed fantastic meal and never once have I been let down by this place.  It is always consistent and I just want to take anyone I can here.

My ratings:

Food: 4.9999 / 5

Atmosphere: 4 / 5 (very tiny place and very noisy)

Service: 4.2154 / 5


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