I was looking through iPhoto and realized I haven’t written about this place yet.  I went to Globe with my co-workers to celebrate Kris’s birthday early May.  It is on Pacific and Battery so it was really close to the office.  This was the second time I’ve been here, but it’s been a while.  I really like the art and the space of the building.  It’s really open and historic yet modern looking because of the brick walls and the contemporary decor.  Kris made a good choice because we enjoyed the food and we definitely had a good time.

We noticed that the glasses all had a tiny air bubble at the bottom.  I thought it was a pretty cool design and I think the picture came out looking pretty artistic.

To start, we shared a mushroom pizza.  I was really craving a thin crust pizza for a while so this definitely hit the spot.  It had just the right amount of cheese and tomato sauce, but my favorite was the Gamboni mushrooms.

This was Kris’s Rigatoni with a pork ragu.

This is the Grilled Coulotte Steak it was served with season potatoes and a sliver of herb butter.  The butter went really well with the steak because that’s what gave the steak flavor.  The steak was lightly seasoned and was tender.  It wasn’t a huge piece of beef, but it was enough for lunch, especially when you add pizza and dessert.  After finishing my steak, I was still hungry so we ended up ordering another pizza (which we finished as well) but I forgot to take a picture of it.

For dessert we had an apple tart and a brownie.  You know I’m a chocolate guy so the brownie was my favorite.  It wasn’t too sweet, but it was chocolately enough.  The brownie also came with a strawberry sorbet which was very refreshing because it was a hot day.

I like how we get to go out for lunch to celebrate someone’s birthday in our department at work because it’s a chance for us to go out and enjoy food and talk about other things besides work.  I can’t wait for the next birthday.

My ratings:

Food: 4 / 5

Service: 4 / 5

Atmosphere: 4.3 / 5


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