My July 4th Celebration

I know this is about a week late, but over the holiday weekend I went to visit my sister in Santa Rosa.  We decided to go to visit on my niece visiting from Hawaii and to celebrate the birthdays of my dad and nephews, Andrew and Cameron.

We got to their place at about noon and we quickly started to prepare some appetizers. Meanwhile, my sister, Jennifer, a health coach, got me to try her new super fancy shmancy scale that told me my resting metabolic rate, visceral belly fat, total body fat percentage, and my body’s age (all of which you shall never know) based on my age and height by sending a light current of electricity throughout my body.  The results would be better if I took my socks off and once they came off, my nephew, Austin took them and put them on.  This is what he looked like:

It was so funny seeing how high they went up his legs.  Also, I am very glad that the socks I wore that day did not have any holes on the bottom.

This is the vineyard behind the house.  Jealous much?

My Mom, JR, Jennifer, and Dad grilling on the porch with the fantastic view of the mountains and the vineyard.

My mom brought two kinds steak — ribeye and filet mignon.  It came out to be so tender and juicy, it definitely beats many of the steakhouses I’ve been to.  Can you imagine all of this food just to feed eight people?  We are very blessed indeed.  And on a side note, this was definitely the perfect time to take multiple Thermobonds and Aminogens (Herbalife takers will get the joke) at one sitting.

Now on to all of the pictures of my nephew Andrew which are totally adorable:

I love how this side shot came out.  There is a little twinkle in his eye and it is just so precious.

“The monster is coming!”  Apparently, Andy is afraid of Grandpa.  I don’t know why, but he always starts to cry whenever my dad walks by.

“Get yo hands off of ma face! Or else . . .”  I love his cheeks.  That’s big brother, Cam, pinching his cheeks.

The little pilgrim!  We kept folding the flagged napkins into different shapes of headgear and kept sneaking up behind Andy and dress him up.  He looks like he is in desperate need of help.  “Someone save me, PLEASE!”

Then we turned him into a biker.  How epic would it be if we had a Harley and sat him on it?

How very patriotic!

“Get it off!”  He is probably thinking that this is getting old.  He looks like he is through and doesn’t want anyone bothering him again.

The monster came back while Andy was munching on some grapes.

This kid is just too cute for words!  Even when he cries, the pictures are so cute.

By the end of the day, we probably consumed about 4000 calories, but who cares?  It’s a holiday and a very fun one indeed.


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