Final Fantasy VIII Kotobukiya Statues

This is really exciting for me!  I actually got a request from a reader!  I don’t get many comments, and never got a request for anything until now!  I was pretty stunned by it because it came out of the blue!  Thank you C.S.!

I took this shot as a lazy attempt to just get a shot of all five of the Final Fantasy VIII statues.  After some thinking, I realized how special this was.  This was the first time anyone has ever asked me for anything on this blog.  That told me that someone actually cared about what I was doing so couldn’t just be lazy, I had to put more effort into it so hopefully I might get more requests in the future.

My first statue of this set was Squall and Bahamut.

I’m pretty sure Rinoa and Siren was my second of the set . . . Or was it Seifer and Odin?  I can’t remember.

So that’s Seifer and Odin.  I remember I bought this one on ebay while I was in Los Angeles.

Selphie, Quistis, and Leviathan.  This was definitely the most expensive one of the set even though it’s damaged!  I still haven’t had time to try to repair it, but it doesn’t look too noticeable on top of my display shelf.

The last of the set: Zell, Irvine, and Diabolus.  Damaged too, but I don’t care.

I know I didn’t write too much on them.  That’s because I already did in their individual posts, but I hope you like the picture of them together.

Sorry about my dinosaur lamp in the way.  I guess I should have just placed it on the floor, but it could one of those “which one doesn’t belong?” moments.  It kind of has that DERP kind of face.

So if anyone would like to see a particular post on my collection, please let me know.  I have tons of things that I don’t post, but if you guys want something, leave a comment. Also, if you have any of these statues and would like to share your stories about how you got them and your thoughts about them, I would love to read them.

I like comments!


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29 Responses to Final Fantasy VIII Kotobukiya Statues

  1. C.S. says:

    Uh, the statues are all so incredibly beautiful. Thanks again for the photo, it is amazing. I even believe that this picture is the only one in the internet where all five are shown.^^

    I find your blog very interesting. Besides, I also haven’t seen a 5 minute traffic light before.^^

    As I have already written, I have at the moment unfortunately only the Rinoa / Siren Statue (In my opinion the most beautiful statue in the series, followed closely by the Leviathan). I really hope that one day I had all five of them. For some time I search every day on Ebay (like you did), but this is really annoying.^^

    If I may ask, how much you have so spent on the statues? I have payed 400€ for my Rinoa, what would be the equivalent of about 570 USD. I live in Germany and most of the statues are in Japan and the United States, so i have really expensive shipping costs and i also must pay an additional of 19% of the value for taxes for every import.

    Next, I’ll probably get me Squall or Cifer.

    PS: English is harder to write than to read =D


    • ajsrichantra says:

      I got Squall and Bahamut for $100 (quite a steal, even back when I got it).
      I won Seifer and Odin for $189. I actually lost the auction, but the seller said that they had multiples of it and gave me a second chance to buy it at that price.
      I was really lucky with the Rinoa and Siren statue because the seller on ebay offered it for over $350 (I think) and then reduced the price to about $299, but had a “best offer” option. I asked for it at $260 (i think) and he accepted.
      The Leviathan statue cost me $320. My max bid was $325 and the price kept increasing when there was only 1 minute left and I almost lost by the skin of my teeth!
      Lastly, I won the Diabolus statue for $220. This was very timely for me because I had sold a bunch of stuff I didn’t need anymore so I had about $150 dollars in my paypal account so I only had to shell out an extra $70 to pay for it.

      Where in Germany are you from? Also, I didn’t know the tax on imports are that high! It really is expensive to try to get them all. I wish you good luck and in quest to get all five. It definitely requires a lot of patience.


  2. C.S. says:

    Thats funny, i haven’t noticed these funny dinosaur lamp at the first view on the picture.^^ Looks cool.^^


  3. Johnnie Walker says:

    Where is the sculpture of Zell, Irvine and Diabolus damaged?

    All 5 sculptures are amazing work, in my view very impressive but they looks sweeter for everyone who loved the game Final Fantasy VIII and this Guardian Forces and Characters. Odin is my favorite, Eden, Bahamut, Diabolus and Cerberus are epic designed as well. I wish i had the money to get all my favor figures and sculptures of them.

    I’m so jealous


    • ajsrichantra says:

      It was damaged on the tail and I think Irvine’s Gun (maybe hand?) was broken off. I was able to glue the hand back though. As for the tail, part of it chipped and the resin is separated, but there is a wire inside that is holding it together. Also, it was just really dusty and I was able to clean it up for the most part. The damage isn’t very noticeable when they are displayed so it doesn’t bother me. Actually, 4 out of the 5 statues are damaged. The only one that is fine is Odin with Seifer, everyone else has chips somewhere.

      Yeah I like a lot of the designs of the Guardian Forces in Final Fantasy VIII. I would loved to have seen an Eden figure. If you are looking for some of the summons from VIII at a more affordable price, you can search ebay and look for either the smaller action figures from ArtFX / Kotobukiya or look for some trading figures from Square’s Final Fantasy Cratures / Creature’s Kai / Master Creatures line. Hope that helps!


  4. FinalFan says:

    I just received Seifer and I found your blog while googling about this collection.
    I’m really impressed by the Zell/Irvine/Diabolus statue, your shots are amazing.
    By the way I won my Seifer the same way you did, I actually lost the auction for this statue: then the seller (was it the same for you?) gave me a second chance offer at my bidding price ($240) + $55 (total $295~211€) for shipping to France, then the horribles customs fees (53€~$75), since even shipping is included when it comes to tax people <_<.
    But I was happily surprised when I opened the box, it was brand new, never opened!! So I actually got a mint Seifer 🙂

    Now I possess the 3 first statues from this set, and I don't think I'll have a chance one day to complete it :/
    The others I own are Squall/Bahamut and Linoa/Siren, bought them ten years ago, before € became the european money, if I tell you "Franc" does that mean something for you? lol


    • ajsrichantra says:

      Congratulations on getting your Seifer / Odin statue! Yes I also got the statue with a second chance offer because the seller had multiples of it. It sounds kind of suspicious why this person would have several of them, but when I received and opened it, I was pretty sure it was authentic. Also, mine was mint and that is the only statue of my set that is not damaged.
      I didn’t realize that you would have to pay customs fees for items that are imported into Europe until someone else who commented on this post told me what he had to pay in Germany. Is it a certain percentage of the total? I guess we are lucky in some ways in the US because all we have to pay for is just the shipping because I have never had to pay any customs fees so far. Also, just like you, I started this set a long time ago and it took me a really long time to complete it so just be patient and keep checking ebay for the last two statues.
      Yes, I know what Francs are. Haha. Anyways, thanks for commenting and good luck in trying to finish the set!


      • FinalFan says:

        Legally speaking, the VAT is at 19.6% for France (should be about the same amount in Germany, I read the post of the other user) and let’s say when you have a big parcel + high value on it, you can be sure you’ll give a hand for the customs :/ .
        And even the postage ($55 in my case) count in the value!
        If I’m not mistaken this should apply for most of the European countries (UK doesn’t count).
        I often buy PVC figures from Japan by SAL (cheapest shipping method, without tracking number and pretty slow, about 3 weeks) but when choosing this shipping method and because the value is rarely over 120$, I escape the customs most of the time.

        And yes, I was surprised a few months ago when learning that US customers don’t pay custom fees when importing stuff from Japan, so I can understand pretty well that some of them can afford to pay EMS to get their items quickly. Because here, EMS = 98% to be taxed :/


  5. C.S. says:

    @ Final Fan: Oh man, thats so funny. I was also bidding on that Seifer figure. My bidding price was 202,49 USD. Haha, lol. =D


  6. C.S. says:

    @ ajsrichantra: Do you only collect Videogame Figures? I have found an taiwanesian Sculpteur who made really really amazing fantasy figures. Search google for “pkking”. But unfortunately the figures are unpainted so you have to paint it on yourself. I think this is maybe interesting for you. 🙂


    • ajsrichantra says:

      Well most of my collection is from Final Fantasy, but I have a lot of figures that have been produced by Square-Enix like the Play Arts Kai line. I’ve also really been into the Super Robot Chogokin line because of their work on some of the Megazords they are working on from the Power Rangers (Super Sentai) series. I also have the figma’s from Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (Kamen Rider Ryuki). When I was a kid, I had a lot of Beast Wars Transformers, but my mom accidentally donated them because she thought I didn’t want them anymore since they were just in a box under the stairs at home. Also, I have a lot of Ty Beanie Babies that are in the garage that I probably need to go through and try to sell some of them. Apparently, I am not a very good money saver . . .

      I googled PKking and found his work to be absolutely fantastic. He is definitely talented. I would love to have one of his pieces, but don’t have any painting skills or know anyone who does. Plus, I really need to slow down on the collecting though because I’m starting to run out of room! LOL.


      • C.S. says:

        Hehe. I have buyed some of pkkings pieces and i also have just started with figure-painting. But it is not so hard as it sounds. At the moment i painted my first figure and of course it is not perfect, but i looks pretty good (i think ^__^)

        But jeah, i believe you that you dont have any room for more figures.^^


  7. Laine says:

    I am ridiculously jealous!!!!! 😀
    You are one lucky guy…..
    i have the advent children statues of cloud and sephiroth fighting, and i sooooo want the ffviii collection.
    I love the fact that you put up such high res photos!!! so hard to get photos of these statues where you can actually see all the details.
    after seeing the amazing details in your photos, i’m going to buying the resin recasts of squall and rinoa. (they havent got the other ones unfortunately 🙂 i looooove the leviathan one)
    I airbrush paint resin figures so i’m definately going to get them. getting my hands on the originals i think will just be too difficult, and way too expensive 😀
    i’m soooo excited!!!

    Just wanted to drop a line and say, great work with the photos, and your collection looks immense!!! 😀


  8. Zoneseek says:

    Thanks for showing these amazing sculptures. I didn’t even know they existed. Amazing!


  9. Nuhri says:

    Will you attempt to repair it? The Seifer statue I ordered not so long ago has chip offs on the mantle and I would really, really like to fix it. But I don’t know how… Could you help me on this? 🙂


    • ajsrichantra says:

      Congrats on getting you statue. Unfortunately, I don’t have sculpting or painting skills to try to repair my broken statues. I only fix things that can be glued. Also, a Sharpie works if you don’t have any black paint. The reason I don’t worry too much about some of the damages is because they are not displayed at eye-level so people don’t notice the damage unless I point them out. Good luck, though on trying to repair your!


  10. Tyler says:

    Man I miss these 😦 would you ever consider selling the set TC?


  11. Tyler says:

    Topic creator :p I had a feeling you would say that lol, oh well doesnt hurt to ask 🙂


  12. Tyler says:

    Unreal, the leviathan one sold for 1250.00 last week 0_0


  13. ultimatthew says:

    Whoah! What an amazing collection dude. Thanks for the photos, there aren’t many of these around. 😀


  14. anna says:

    amazing God bless


  15. Hoowaaoow, You’re incredibly lucky to own these Kotobukiya statues!
    All I’ve been able to do is admire pictures *sobs*, but pictures is better than nothing 🙂

    Hopefully I’ll be able to collect them someday as well before they disappear from all auctions or wither in damages. Thank you for sharing 😀


  16. Jemma says:

    I have been in love with these statues since their 1999 release. One day, I’ll be able to find them all and afford them! Until then, I can appreciate these wonderful pictures of your fine collection – thank you so much for sharing! My nostalgia is SKY HIGH! 🙂


  17. thefedups says:

    I know this is a very old post but I rediscovered these statues and had to look up some photos cause of how great the details are.

    Great post!


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