Day 2 of Disneyland – August 2011

Following the aftermath of day 1, I honestly didn’t know if I was going to make it past the second day.  I was supposed to meet up with Maurice and Christina when the park opened, but I just could not get out of bed!  I healed a bit throughout the night, but I still had trouble walking.  After taking a shower, I decided I would try to find some flip flops to ease my aching feet (though thinking about it now, I should have just bought one of those gel soles from Dr. Scholls) and some ointment for my chaffed thighs at Target, which was luckily three blocks away from the hotel.

After switching my footwear and apply some medicine to my wounds, I waited for the shuttle to take me back to the park.

I arrived at about 10ish and met up with Maurice and Christina after they got off Pirates of the Caribbean.  The next ride we hit was The Haunted Mansion and then headed over to California Adventure when it opened.

I didn’t really take too many pictures until the afternoon because we were more concerned about getting to rides.  I was however able to capture these:

I wish all spiders could look like this, then maybe I wouldn’t be so scared of them.

I love this guy!

After riding the big rides at California Adventure, we headed back to Disneyland to use our fastpasses for Star Tours.  I didn’t know that Star Tours had many variations of the ride so my second time was a little bit different than the first, but I’m not going to tell you about it.  The next ride we did was the Buzz Lightyear ride and a man standing in front of us let his family cut the line half way through.  Oh yeah, then we got into an argument with them, but I won’t mention the details.  Let’s just say some harsh words were exchanged and I’ll leave it at that, but just thinking back on it still makes me mad.

So we rode more rides until it was time for our dinner reservation at Blue Bayou.  If you don’t know where it is located, it’s that restaurant you see when you ride Pirates of the Caribbean.  I didn’t know there was a restaurant there until last March when I went back to Disneyland 8 years ago.  Maurice always wanted to try it so I’m glad he made reservations.  After being seated for a while, Lee and Jon arrived and joined us for dinner.

Throughout the vacation, I realized I haven’t really splurged on food so this was my time to do it.  I went for the surf and turf and it was a lobster tail and a filet mignon.  I tried talking myself out of it, but Maurice, brought up a good point – when was the next time I am going to eat there again with my friends?  It would just make the memories even better.  I apologize for the blurry pictures.  It is really dark so getting a good picture with no flash (I don’t like using flash) is really hard.

I had the creme brulee for dessert and shared it with everyone.

Overall, I thought Blue Bayou was really good.  Maurice had read reviews on it so I guess we set the bar low and our expectations were surpassed!  What I thought was exceptional was the service.  Our waitress, Nicole / Melissa / Bestsy? (I can’t remember her name) was so sweet and had a great sense of humor.  I would definitely recommend Blue Bayou if you want to splurge or have a very special moment at Disneyland (I also recommend Napa Rose [more expensive], see my review on that).  Also, remember to request a seat by the water so you can wave at the people on the ride and see who waves back.

As we left the restaurant, I saw a family ring the doorbell of another building and I heard someone on a speaker respond to them.  I saw the dad lean it to whisper a password or something and I saw the door open for them.  I was curious to what they were doing so I walked a little closer to the door and saw the “33” sign.  Then I remembered watching a Disney special and they mentioned that Club 33 was for special guests who are members of some group and they get to eat at a super special and secretive restaurant which seats only 33 people.  It’s one of those infamous Disney secrets that people want to know about.  Maybe one of these days I’ll be able to eat there.

I told everyone what it was so we all wanted to take a picture in front of the sign.

Next on the itinerary was to go back to California Adventure for Toy Story Mania.

Hm… what am I looking at?  Anyways, here we are in line.  While we waited, everyone was trying to get me to go back to Six Flags Magic Mountain with them even though I couldn’t.  Then Lee challenged me during the game and said if I lose, I would have to go with them to Six Flags.

This was the final score.  I lost, but I still didn’t go to Six Flags.  Maybe next time!

After this, we rode the Grizzly rapids ride twice.  The first time we got stuck riding the intertube with a grandmother and her grandson.  That kid was so hyper, I don’t know what Grandma fed him!  As for Grandma, she kept talking to us about her life and our education.  I really wanted her to shut up because all I wanted was to enjoy the ride.  I guess she just needed to talk to adults because she’s been hanging out with a kid all day. We had our own raft the second time and we had much more fun, but we got stuck for a bit so we ended up being kind of late to line up for World of Color.  But when you’re with Jon Tam, you get special treatment.  He was able to get us to the front where special people get to be and we got really wet.  This is what we looked like after the show:

Just like the night before, we headed back to Disneyland to ride Splash Mountain.  After that, we just went shopping and got some more Dole Whip.  This time I ordered a Dole Whip Float which was pineapple juice with the pineapple softserve.  I swear, it’s heaven in a cup.  I could have one of those a day!

We had to get a group shot in front of the caste.  At first we tried asking an Asian guy to take our picture and he hella dissed us by pretending he didn’t hear us and walked away faster.  We were like, “What the heck? We’re Asian too!”  We ended up asking the next guy who walked our direction and he took this for us.

This is Main Street USA at the end of the day.  It was almost 1:00AM and the streets of Disneyland were thinning out.  It was time to go home.

Here we are waiting for the tram to take us to the parking garage.  I had to have Lee drive me back to the hotel because I had already missed the last shuttle.  Once we got to the parking structure, we began our very VERY long journey to find Lee’s car.  If you have been to the parking structure, you know how enormous it is!  I mean it’s gigantic!  I’m sure it has it’s own zip code.  Simply put, the car was parked very far away from the drop-off station.  I joked saying that I should have just walked back to the hotel if I knew the car was so far away.

Once, again I had a very fun-filled day with my friends because I love those guys, but if I could change anything that day, I would change two things.  First, I would not get into an argument with ignorant people, but if I did I would now know what I wanted to tell them to their faces.  Secondly, I would have made someone walk with me in the parking lot.  The four of them just walked ahead of me and just looked back to check if I was there, then laughing at me because I was waddling due to my aching feet.  I have never walked like that before and I wish someone got it on video because even though it hurt, it was still funny.

Thanks guys!


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  1. Stoner says:

    You guys Look High as HELL!!! hahaha

    Sorry a comment from an old stoner


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