INC Giving: Neighborhood Appreciation Day

Congratulations to me for achieving a huge milestone!

This is officially my 100th entry and to celebrate, I wanted to present a very special and very lengthy post.

I know this is quite late, but this activity occurred almost three weeks ago, but I think it’s still relevant to share it with you guys.  On August 21st, the town of Redwood City had their annual community festival where several blocks of Middlefield Avenue is closed off to cars and part of the block that is closed includes where the Redwood City chapel is located.  The Local Leadership recognized the opportunity we had to share our faith with our neighbors as well as show our appreciation for them and to help them our a bit.  This is all part of our community outreach program called INC Giving and our Neighborhood Appreciation Day was a great success.

We started decorating the chapel early and here are some of the early starters.

At around 11:00 AM, the parade started and everyone hangs out on the sidewalk to watch.  You can see all of the booths that are set up in the middle of the street selling things as well as promoting awareness of their organizations.  If you walk around after the parade, you can definitely pick up a lot of free stuff.

I guess Catalina was getting bored from the parade.

About half way through the parade, it dawned on me that I shouldn’t be watching the parade.  I should be heading over to all of the food stands and get my lunch now while everyone is distracted.  So I headed over to were all of the food vendors set up shop and no one had any lines.  Score!   My plan worked perfectly.  The only problem I had was I didn’t know what to choose.

Knowing me, I headed straight to the vendor who said they had fried Oreos.

Oh, and I had Ate Ruth take my picture.

That’s what it looks like on the inside.  It wasn’t great in my opinion.  I thought the Oreo was kind of soggy, but I ate it all anyway.

Round 2 was carne asada tacos with some mild salsa from Chavez Market.

Yeah those tacos were pretty good.  So I had some more food, but I don’t think it’s worth writing about so I’m skipping that and moving on to the actually activity.

This is the registration booth where our visitors signed in.

One of the services we offered was a health center.  There, people could get their blood pressure taken as well as receive some advice about certain health conditions they may have.

Another one of the service areas was a donation center where members donated school supplies and clothing for visitors to have.  These lovely brethren were in charge of that area.

The Kids Corner was a place where kids can get their face painted or get some peel-off tattoos.  I must say, this was probably the most popular tents (besides the food).  Everyone there had fun!

That’s Denielle painting Megan’s face.

All of the kids are having a blast!

Here is Kristal painting the Death Eater symbol from Harry Potter.  That is what it looked like before and this is what it looked like after:

Doesn’t it look so good?  Because of that I was tempted to get something painted, but I didn’t know what to get so I looked at the Death Eater sign and got inspired!

Yup.  I decided that I wanted to become an Asian Harry Potter.  I had Kristal paint me up quickly and I was so excited to show everyone, but I kept getting the same comments . . . it’s on the wrong side of my forehead.  Yeah, a total facepalm.  Obviously you can tell that the big kids had fun also.

As you can see we had many visitors come by the chapel to check out the things we have to offer.

Hahaha my mom is offering some of her strawberry funnel cake that she bought at the food stands.

That’s Kathy Mae acting silly again.

This picture is too funny!  I can’t tell if those are bellies or if they are all pregnant!

Here is a really nice group shot of some of the brethren with our neighbors across the street.

Alas, all good things must come to an end and it was time to clean up.  I helped a little but, but still walked around taking pictures.

Sister Joy, Brother Renato, and Sister Nancy.

This is very camera shy, Margaret.  She doesn’t like having her picture taken, but she needs to get used to it because in less than a month, her special wedding day will probably be on Facebook.

Me and Brother Sidney, our Resident Worker.

My mom and dad.

Nikki, Davey, and Sister Nancy.

Audrey is too cute!  She’s got so much personality for such a small kid!

She kind of looks like a clown.  If clowns looked this cute, I might not be afraid of them anymore.

Sister Eppie is tired!  She’s been working so hard . . . and there was still going to be a basketball tournament right after!

Oh man! Don’t mess with Sebastian . . . or else!  That is one kid I will not mess with! LOL. All he needs is a Harley and a bandana.  These kids are too cute!

That’s Sister Gail chillin’ by the fence before we shot a video birthday greeting to our Executive Minister.

Overall, we had a fantastic day and we are so grateful and blessed that we were able to get to know our neighbors and introduce the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) to them. We were able to register around 200 guests and hopefully we have left some kind of impact in their lives so that they will come back and be interesting in learning more about the church.

I hope you liked reading this post and looking at the pictures.  I apologize it’s very long, but I thought I ended up with some really nice photos.  Anyways, thanks for reading and keep an eye out for more of our INC Giving activities!


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