Bleach Sculpture Arts Ichigo Kurosaki

One of my favorite new additions in my collection is the latest representation of Ichigo Kurosaki from  Square Enix’s statue line, Sculpture Arts.  I know nothing about Bleach, the manga, but I thought this statue looks amazing.  I was lucky enough to purchase this from (which I had sitting in my “Pile of Loot” for six months) but I chose to get the damaged one (like most of my other statues) because I didn’t want to pay full price.  After reading the description about the damaged parts, I thought it wouldn’t be hard to fix.  I figure most people won’t notice the damage unless I tell them where it is and I get to save about $175.  Most of the damage is from the thin tassel that hangs on his sword and his head fell off.  Luckily it was a clean cut at the bottom of the neck so you could never see the crack.  Personally, I think the phoenix is the highlight of the statue since it pretty much encompasses Ichigo.  It simply looks fantastic.  Why don’t I just let the pictures talk?

I was thoroughly surprised to see that my statue has a really low serial number.  For some reason it made me feel even better knowing that I got it for such a good price and got one of the first ones.

I love the translucence of the phoenix, especially when it’s hit with the right lighting.

I noticed that a little of the paint from his arm bled onto the bandage on his arm.  I think it’s only noticeable when you look at it up close, but it’s still a little disappointing knowing that for the price I paid, I expect the manufacturer to really have tight quality control standards (which I admit Square-Enix really needs to work on).

Anyways, despite not knowing much about the manga or the character, I still really love this statue.  I’m most drawn to the colors of the phoenix it looks great with all of my other statues.  I still need to get the Sculpture Arts of Edward Elric and Alphonse from Fullmetal Alchemist as well as the Lenneth statue from Valkyrie Profile (when I can find a place for them).  I think Square Enix does a great job with this line, but they really need to improve their Play Arts Kai line and fix their quality control issues because their products aren’t cheap, but that could be another post.


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7 Responses to Bleach Sculpture Arts Ichigo Kurosaki

  1. ben says:

    hi! i am also interested in getting this!
    do you know where else sells this?
    i think big bad toy store sold out le


  2. ajsrichantra says:

    I just went there and it says it’s in stock. I guess they didn’t update their website. In terms of shipping, it said it’s free if your order is over $199 if it is domestic shipping. Are you from the US?


    • Ben says:

      No I am not. I can ship it to my friend in us though. I actually ard them an email and they told me this item is no longer available. Wonder if it is because the website is not updated?


  3. ajsrichantra says:

    Yeah that’s probably the reason. Just out of curiosity, where are you from? I just like getting to know people.


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