San Francisco’s Academy of Sciences

Yesterday was an “Off-Friday” for KMD so my mom and I decided we would visit the Cal Academy. I’ve been here many times, but this was my mom’s first time visiting the new building since it was remodeled.

The first area we hit was the popular Osher Rainforest where butterflies fly freely among the guests and children try to chase and catch them. Inside it is 80 degrees Fahrenheit and 90% humidity. This is one of my favorite exhibits because I think the butterflies are genius and everyone looks like they are having a blast.

Here is a picture my mom snapped while I went to the restroom. I think came out really good.

There I am playing with the sea star in the touch pool.

After the aquarium, mom and I decided to skip the cafeteria and sit down to a nice meal at The Moss Room which is located right under the cafeteria. I had the hanger steak with fingerling potatoes, carrots, and mushrooms. I enjoyed my steak and finished everything on my plate.

The Academy had some new additions which are baby ostriches. If I remember correctly, I think the sign said they were only 14 days old. I didn’t know that they would be so cute! Did you know that you can’t tell which babies are male or female until they get much older. Males have black feathers while females have brown feathers.

Here is the view from the Living Roof. This is also one of my favorites because I think it’s pretty unique compared to other museums I’ve been to throughout my travels.

The last few pictures are of my mom who kind of had a nice photo session on the roof. Enjoy!

So this end our to the museum. It was much better than being stuck in the office. The Academy is a museum all visitors to San Francisco need to see. Yes, it is expensive, but I think everyone will enjoy it, not just the children. Some tips when visiting The Academy at Golden Gate Park is go on a weekday and go early so you can find street parking. Also, an underground secret is, if you do park in the concourse under the museum, have a meal at The Moss Room and enter from the parking lot. After you meal, just walk up the stairs and, BOOM, you’re inside the museum and you didn’t even pay admission! But let’s keep that secret between us, okay?









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