Valkyrie Profile Sculpture Arts by Square Enix

Just like my previous post about completing my Final Fantasy VIII Kotobukiya statue set, I just completed my Square Enix Sculpture Arts collection with the exception of the samurai guy, which I’m not interested in at all. The last piece in the set that I really wanted is the Lenneth statue from Valkyrie Profile. Just like most of my collection, I’ve never played Valkyrie Profile, but I’ve had my eye on this statue for years. I finally decided to bite the bullet and just purchase one on eBay because I couldn’t find it anywhere else. The price on these statues just keep going up so I had to give in. I actually bought this one used, but the previous owner took very good care of it and packed it very, very well. Nothing was damaged during shipping which I am very grateful for. Anyways, enjoy the pics!













My overall impression of this figure is just, “WOW!” I can’t believe I finally own this. Right now I have it displayed on top of my centered Detolf. Because it stands at about 17 inches, it won’t fit in the cabinet. It took a while for me to put it together, making sure everything is in its place. Surprisingly, once everything was locked in place, the statue feels very sturdy. After it was complete, I just looked at it for a bit, admiring all of the work put into it. I believe the best work on this statue is the stained glass window in the back and the wings. There is so much detail on the wings it’s insane! Pictures don’t do this justice. You have to see this in person.



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9 Responses to Valkyrie Profile Sculpture Arts by Square Enix

  1. FinalFan says:

    Wow, very impressing!

    Where are your others Sculpture Arts’ statues?
    I only own Cloud, but he’s trully awesome 🙂


    • ajsrichantra says:


      I have all of the Final Fantasy Sculpture Arts statues from Square Enix as well as the Bleach one and the one from Full Metal Alchemist. I did posts on those except for the Full Metal Alchemist one, but they weren’t very nice pics.


  2. C.S. says:

    I agree with you. This statue is really a masterpiece. Sadly, it dont own it, but i think i dont have enough place for it. =)


  3. kym says:

    been looking for this! any chance would u let go?


    • ajsrichantra says:

      Hi! Sorry, I’m not ready to let this go anytime soon but I hope you keep searching and hopefully something will come up. Good luck!


    • AS says:

      Very far after the fact, but I stumbled onto this page looking for good photos of this because I’m looking to sell mine. Reply if you’re interested, I have email notifications turned on.


  4. darkrose says:

    For yours, do all the pegs go inside their designated holes?
    For mine, the pegs on the wings are not as “spread out” as the designated holes so I can only choose to insert either the left or right one. Very worried that it is not good enough and the whole thing will collapse 😥


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