Flying Fish Cafe

I had just come back from my trip to Walt Disney World and decided I needed to get back into blogging. Since I spent so much time and money eating, I should really get back into reviewing restaurants and sharing my adventures with you. First up is the Flying Fish Cafe located on the Boardwalk.



From what I’ve read on other blogs and on TripAdvisor, Flying Fish Cafe was one of the best restaurants on property so I may have over-hyped myself. Let me start by saying that if there was anything I wouldn’t mind forgetting about during the entire trip, it would be the experience I had here. “Why?” you ask? Let me assure it is not because of the food. It was because we were seated by a large obnoxious family that did not have an ounce of class between the 15 of them. It wasn’t as bad when we first got seated, but it got progressively worst at our meal went on. This family had no self-awareness to where they were and did not have a clue that they were disturbing the other guests. Between two women’s cackles, children running back and forth from the table, everyone trying to talk over each other, and a drunk father that was cussing up a storm, I had just about had it with them by the time our main courses came out. I thought I was with the cast of Jersey Shore. There was even a time when the ignoramus of a teenager (let’s call him Dumb) decided it would fun to try to pretend-throw a football to his drunk dad (let’s call him Dumber). And of course, his dad actually egged him on to do it. Said teenager then thought, “No, I shouldn’t.”but because dad said it was okay, the next thing I saw was a football fly across the table. That’s when I really started to get angry. Then of course, Dumber threw it back. That’s when I turned around and asked, “Seriously!?!?” and gave them a dirty look, but I this family was so self-involved that no one noticed. What made it worse was that management did not do anything about it. Just re-living this moment of the trip right now is making my blood boil.

Okay I think I need to get back on track and talk about the food. My opinions may factor in my horrid environment in which I could not fully concentrate on the food because of the aforementioned events.


To start, we shared the appetizer duo of a crab cake and caesar salad. I really enjoyed the crab cake. I thought it was meaty and not filled with a lot of corn or breading as filler. The caesar salad had a tasty garlic dressing. The dressing was not too heavy and tasted very fresh.


Mom had the scallops that were cooked perfectly. They were tender and not rubbery at all. They came served on a bed of mushroom and celery risotto. The risotto was great. I liked the chewiness of the grains and the added crunch from the celery added great texture.


I went with the entrée duo of char-crusted New York Strip Steak and the Potato-wrapped red snapper. Above is the steak that I had cooked medium rare, but you can’t tell from the outside. It was tender and flavorful and the char was not overpowering at all.


On the other side of the plate, the potato-wrapped red snapper rested on top of leeks. I actually really enjoyed the leeks. It kind of reminded me of a warm Napa cabbage salad. The potato wrap held the fish together and added a nice crunch to each bite.

As the meal went on I found myself trying to finish everything quickly so I could get the heck out of the restaurant. Mom took her leftover scallops and risotto to-go (which I had as a midnight snack) and we paid right away. I DID NOT EVEN STAY FOR DESSERT!! CRAZY, I KNOW!

Overall, the food was good, but not amazing for the prices they charge. But hey, it’s Disney World, of course it’s over priced! My entrée duo was $47 and the service size was just enough. One thing to note is that Flying Fish Cafe accepts the Disney Dining Plan, but I believe it will cost you two table-service meals to eat here. Also, I believe if you are on the Dining Plan, certain items on the menu are not eligible. Otherwise, you pay out of pocket. Also, gratuity is not included in the price of the Dining Plan so don’t forget to add that in separately.

As I was walking out I had mentioned to the hostess that I enjoyed the food, but my experience was ruined by the family of twats (okay so I didn’t actually say those exact words, but that’s what I really wanted to say).


Food: 4 / 5

Service: 4 / 5

Atmosphere: 4.5 / 5 (The restaurant itself is gorgeous. I believe there is a loose dress code. This rating does not take into consideration the obnoxious family)


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