Hollywood Brown Derby

Our next big meal after the Flying Fish Cafe was at Hollywood Brown Derby at Disney’s Hollywood Studios for lunch. It was actually one of my favorite meals the whole trip.



Each day’s itinerary pretty much revolved around all of the restaurants I wanted to eat at. I did all my research and made sure I had reservations. That day our lunch reservation was at 1:30PM so we were quite hungry since we’ve been at the park since 8:00AM. I was lucky enough to take part of the first show of the American Idol Experience attraction so this was a nice way to relax during the day. We checked in early and asked if they could seat us before our reservation and they did.

IMG_4585We were given a basket of warm dinner rolls and this really nice whipped butter. The butter was at room temperature and was light and airy. I also thought it was one of the coolest presentation of butter I’ve seen at a restaurant.

IMG_4586To start we ordered the blue crab spring rolls. I liked the mild aioli that came on the side of it. The crab was sweet, but I preferred the crab cakes at Flying Fish Cafe more. I do really like how a claw is served with the spring rolls.

IMG_4592My mom ordered the burger off of the lunch menu. They actually gave us both the lunch and dinner menus telling us we could order anything on either menu. I forgot what they called it but it was huge. It was a wagyu beef patty with bacon and an egg. I personally don’t eat eggs in egg form so I tried a piece of the beef that had no egg on it. It was really good. I ended up eating a quarter of it because it was way too big for my mom to eat.

IMG_4591I had the rack of lamb and I really enjoyed it. My lamb was cooked medium rare and it was very meaty, juicy, and tender. I loved how it wasn’t a piece that was full of fat. It was served on a bed of bleu cheese polenta and some arugula. The blue cheese polenta really has a kick and actually went really well with the spices on the lamb.

IMG_4596To end we had the berry cobbler which was a nice finish. It included strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. It was  served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The crumble on top was buttery, but I would have liked to have more just to soak up all the berry juice.

Overall, I really enjoyed Hollywood Brown Derby. It was a nice relaxing meal without the rudeness of the “family from Hell” in my previous review. The service was good but not fantastic. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the restaurant though. It might be a little hard to see from the picture of the dining room, but the walls are filled with framed caricatures of celebrities which have all been autographed. It’s fun just checking out the ones in your area and guessing who each celebrity is while your wait for your food.

On a side note, it was totally cool when some diners recognized me as I was leaving the restaurant from the American Idol Experience and complimented my performance. I’m glad someone thought it was memorable. 🙂

My score:

Food: 4.5 / 5

Service: 3.5 / 5

Atmosphere: 5 / 5








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